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Getting to Know One Another [Closed to Kylar]

The one thing about school life that Shichiro had found hardest to adjust to was, ironically, just how little effort it took. No need to run, no need to hunt, no need to do much of anything. Except sit. And wait. And sit. And wait.

It led to a lot of pent-up energy, and pranks could only let out so much of it. So, he'd started nosing around for other means of keeping himself busy... and found one. The swimming pool. He wasn't the world's best swimmer, but he could certainly hold his own, and not having too many people around made it even better. He'd even made it part of his routine, one that he found himself enjoying.

Of course, that meant changing, so after the school day was over, Shichiro made his way to the changing room and started undressing. For now, he used regulation-approved swim wear, but... he'd have to consider other options, later. For now, his mind was on the cool water waiting him, and if he was in fox form, he'd have his tail wagging like mad. Life in school was turning out to be surprisingly good. He'd just have to keep enjoying it!
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Kylar was quick about disappearing when he could to have a swim. He preferred to do so when there were less people around and so he was always there to change and get started before the other students were done socialising and attending to other things before they too would head there and he would have to adjust to sharing. That also meant having to hold back as people might question his proficiency, but he supposed he couldn't really complain. Better than having no swimming pool at all.

Today he'd gotten held up a bit longer than he might have liked and so he was still in the changing room when he heard someone else come in. He went still a few seconds -- ghosts could be a thing, he knew -- but relaxed when he realised it was probably just some other student, continuing to go about his business. He was beginning to notice certain rituals and patterns of appropriate behaviour in his time at the school, but locker room etiquette was one of those new ones. Safest bet in his mind was to avoid speaking unless spoken to.
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Kylar's brows lifted as he paused and looked over at the stranger. People had been pleasant so far but the grin he was wearing suggested he might not have been entirely interested in striking up a conversation just to be friendly.

"Yes. And I prefer to take my time before it gets busier. I'm sure you won't notice me; I don't make it a point to disrupt others.." He hadn't intended for the words to seem to refer to the present disturbance (it was hardly disruptive to chat while changing), but he didn't bother to correct himself. Better to have a clearer picture than continue masking things with pleasantries.

Aside from what already stood out and had been made note of, the bronze torque was visible as soon as he'd loosened the buttons of his shirt. Considering it was such an ornate and heavy-looking sort of jewellery he wore it like it wasn't there at all. At least physically. He was too aware of its presence in other ways.
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"Interesting way to look at it, I suppose. Not a way I had ever thought to consider it, particularly when you learn to tune people out.." Kylar had trailed off and kept undressing, unsurprised when Shichiro's next question followed. He should have expected as much from whoever it was that saw the torque first.

"Especially rare around here, I imagine? It's an heirloom that has been in the family for a very long time.."
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Kylar's eyes narrowed, getting the distinct idea that the conversation was taking an unusual turn. More than it already had, anyway. What was this person about? How much could he know? Was he just playing dumb? There were too many questions, especially as he drew nearer and reached out to touch the torque.

And Kylar had thought there were too many questions already? That raised a ton more that sped through his mind until only one thought reigned supreme: N O P E. His nostrils flared and he jerked back and away from Shichiro's reach, a move that was undoubtedly far more graceful in his natural state. Stupid, ungainly human bodies. If Shichiro was sensitive enough he might have been able to pick up the weave of strong, ancient magics held within the metal. Unfamiliar ones, given their origins, but even so it was unmistakable that whatever it was it was turned inward on the wearer rather than directed outward, as a protective talisman might have.

"Ah.. s-sorry.. I'm not used to people-.." He gestured toward himself, as if that should explain it. He cleared his throat, working to salvage the encounter.

"I've been told that it's been imbued with old magics, sure. Makes for an interesting story now and again, right?"
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Kylar let out a breath and let himself calm again, but he was far more attentive to Shichiro then, even with the sign. It was only a sign and the lack of an apology was noted.

"Maybe. We'll see," he said, his tone more clipped than before as he folded his belongings neatly. He paused momentarily only because he thought he'd already folded them once and he frowned a little at allowing himself to be so easily unsettled, not only presently but ever since he had come to the school. He should have come to Japan sooner, so he could have learned to adapt.

Shichiro's words gave him pause in his inner chastising and he peered at him, tilting his head. "Work on that how? What about you should interest me?"
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The grin continued to inspire no confidence in Shichiro's intentions. Be that as it may he was smart enough to continue acting with caution, knowing for certain now that the other boy was more than what he seemed and that he was most likely at a severe disadvantage.

"At what cost? In my experience these kinds of offers rarely come without a price.."
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Kylar tensed visibly, likely playing right into Shichiro's dramatic pause. That was another mistake he'd think about randomly and want to kick himself for.

"Wait.. what?"

And, another for the list of failings. He sounded surprised, looked surprised.. what kind of person was he dealing with???

Kylar sighed and shook his head. "Fine.. My name is Kylar," he said. He didn't worry about giving it, considering it was never his true name that he ever gave freely. "Satisfied?"

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"... I would be here anyway. So.. that would be fine. But it's a two way street, you know? I prefer not to be expected to divulge personal business to a complete stranger."
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"... Right." It wasn't as if he was suspicious of everyone in the school as he'd had some pleasant enough encounters already. It was just how quick this one had figured him out. And all the suspicious grinning and touching. Even if he hadn't really figured him out. All he knew was that he wasn't human so far.

"And now? You did come here to swim, didn't you?"
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Kylar made brief note of the mark, raising his brows, but he let it be for another day. He might need that knowledge someday. His own belongings set aside, he too was dressed in a pair of swimming trunks. That was acceptable. He too had swum with a lot less but now was definitely not the time.

Kylar gestured for him to go ahead. Don't let someone you didn't quite trust yet walk behind you, after all.