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These Meetings Sounded Nicer In Theory.. [Closed to Shichiro]

If there was one thing Kylar liked about Japan it was the convenience of the boxed meal. It wasn't like he hadn't had them elsewhere before but there was a certain quality lacking. Maybe it was the presentation. The fine wooden boxes he and Arin had been sent along to school with added a wonderful visual aspect.

As he carried two boxes -- one stacked atop the other -- it occurred to him that even to himself he sounded very old and very boring. Arin would insist he was in fact just a hipster and attempt to explain Instagram so he could take pictures of his pretty lunchboxes.

He frowned a little and stared straight ahead as he kept on walking. He was meeting Shichiro and since he'd requested they meet somewhere outside the building he thought it would be fair to bring along something to eat. That was considerate. He had manners. Also maybe his new acquaintance would have less opportunity to invade his personal space if they were eating.

At least the school had plenty of quiet spots on the grounds. He didn't trust Shichiro anywhere near enough yet to want to wander the forest with him. Once he'd arrived at the place they'd chosen he sat down and set the bento boxes down beside him. In the meantime he would attempt to relax and enjoy the shade of the overhanging tree.

Ultimately he didn't look relaxed at all -- he was sitting perfectly straight and upright with his arms folded. He was the picture of awkward unease.
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When Shichiro got the invitation, he could hardly believe it. Kylar actually wanted to talk to him. Outside, and alone. That made him spend the rest of the day happily dancing in his own mind, glad to have proof that Kylar was softening toward him. He was still stiff and oddly formal, but perhaps this would help him relax. He hoped so, anyway.

Once it was time, Shichiro darted out the school and straight to the meeting spot, only pausing when he caught sight of Kylar. The young man really was handsome, wasn't he? Awkward, but... handsome. The lights and shadows played so well on him, and if only they were more alone...

But then his eyes fell on what the other boy hand. Lunch boxes. Two of them. And having dinners together, especially picnics, and especially if it was hand-made food and they were alone... that meant that this was a date. An honest-to-goodness human date! It wasn't as straight-forward as he'd like, but at least he recognized what this meant. Hah, and here he'd been worried he'd come on too strong!

So, he slid over to Kylar, grinning as he sat down next to him. "Hope that you weren't waiting long. I'm glad you wanted to meet."
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"Good, good," Shichiro said. He was glad that Kylar hadn't been waiting long, he definitely didn't want to leave a bad impression with the other boy, after all!

"Ah, I eat almost anything, so I'm sure it'll be fine. Nice lunch boxes, too- better than the plastic ones I see a lot." He wasn't sure if Kylar had just gotten them somewhere or if he had an eye for it, but Shichiro knew craftsmanship, and those were good quality. Said a lot for the foreigner, that he recognized that. Now if he could just recognize a quality fox-god and get his hands on him.
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Oh ho, so Kylar was a bit on the higher-class side, huh? That was quite the change from Shichiro, but oddly, he found himself liking the idea more than being intimidated. Just made Kylar that much more interesting, in addition to everything else about him.

Of course, he could share what he had in mind, but he knew that, sadly, they weren't quite at a point where that would be welcome yet. Instead, he motioned for Kylar to pass a box over for him. "I was thinking we could just talk and get to know each other a little better. For example... I haven't talked with Arin, but I've gotten close enough that I can tell he's plain human, and his family is, too. So you two must be fairly close, if you were sent alone with him to a new school. Want to tell me about that?"
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"Mm, so human, but they know what's what. That sounds familiar." Shichiro chuckled to himself. It seemed like Kylar had a relationship with the Strouds like he had one with the Kasugas. Granted, he might not have traveled out of the country with them, but still. The only reason Kylar would go through such lengths for more than one family member was either affection or coercion, and giving what he said about Arin, it was likely the former.

Shichiro kept listening on, but when he caught a glimpse of what Kylar had in his lunch box, he found himself wishing. He loved meat, and while he could eat vegetables and fruit and all that, he was a carnivore primarily. His mouth watered and he couldn't avoid licking his lips. Still, he managed not to ask, even though he had to shove a sliver of beef in his mouth to keep from doing so.

It also gave him an opportunity to consider the matter a little. So the Strouds had sent one of their sons to this place, when he was supernaturally sensitive but otherwise normal? It didn't take a great genius to guess what was going on there. "So... let me guess, you're meant to protect him from everything going on here? That's going to be quite the challenge, really. I hope you know what you're doing... and that he's not too headstrong, either. Looking after a 'little brother' in this kind of place is going to be a hassle."

What baffled him was the Coca-Cola. He'd seen kids drinking it, of course, but he'd never gotten one, himself. So he eyed it, but didn't open it yet. Instead, he stared in blank confusion at what Kylar was saying. "Frog...? Not so much. And that's not..."

He leaned forward and squinted at the can. "It's... ginger ale?" He sounded it out, but not able to really understand it. Clearly, he'd never had any experience with such things.
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Ah hah, so that was the truth of it. There might be some fondness between Kylar and the Strouds, but he had to do what they desired. So there was an element of compulsion in there, which changed things a bit. Did leave some options open for what Shichiro could do with and for Kylar, but he'd also have to keep an eye on Arin. Someone with such traits could cause a lot of problems for others. That Arin had been proven right in his gambit made the fox-god grumble under his breath. "Hmph. Let's just keep this between us, then, he sounds like he doesn't need any more reasons to be proud."

When Kylar realized his mistake and seemed embarrassed, Shichiro reached over to give him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "It is kind of a difficult language, yeah. But you'll get the hang of it. Besides, since when have humans been known for saying what they mean?"

That said, Shichiro frowned at what Kylar said. Definitely wasn't anything he'd heard before. "What was that?" He wasn't about to admit that yips and growls had been about the extent of his language beforehand, so he'd just keep quiet on the subject of language.

"But like I said, it is kind of difficult, so no offense from me. Just one of those things we have to deal with, right?" And he held up the Coca-Cola, offering it with a small grin. Clearly Kylar wasn't happy with his drink, and it was all the same to Shichiro, so. "I'll swap you?"
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"I figured you'd be careful with that, but it's good to know for sure. Humans can always be so... oddly perceptive, at times." A lamenting sigh. It did make pulling tricks on them a little bit more difficult, which could always be a pain.

With the nod, Shichiro swapped ginger ale and cola. "Actually, I've never had either, so it's all the same to me! But I'm guessing a carnivore like you wouldn't like the taste, huh?" A grin. It didn't take a lot of effort to guess that Kylar wasn't a fan of any kind of herb, and while Shichiro preferred meat himself, he was flexible. Besides, he always enjoyed a new experience.

Not that he opened it up yet. Instead, he cocked his head and considered Kylar. "So... other than the Strouds, how much experience do you have with humans? Being stuck with one family can lead to some odd... quirks."
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"You haven't tried genmaicha, have you?" Shichiro chuckled at that. Westerners probably just had their usual tea, so perhaps he'd have to introduce that to Kylar, at some point. For now, that opening can made Shichiro jerk up for a second. Sounded like a small explosion, which was just weird. Also made him narrow his eyes at the can of cola. So that explained all those weird noises he heard at lunch!

Not that he dwelt on it. No, he smoothly opened his own drink to draw attention away from that minor shock, and adopted the usual mien of wild animals after being startled- looking completely nonchalant, as though nothing had happened and one was silly for thinking that it had.

"Generations of them? Ah, so you're older than you look. Same for me! And that's good, I like a mature guy around." Another grin, but he'd keep that down, for now. Instead, he nodded. "Yeah, that doesn't really count. The important thing is to learn how humans act and talk now- acting like they did even a few decades back will make you stand out. That said... what kind of tricks? And disrespected your home? In what way?"

There was still so much he didn't know about Kylar, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?
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"Who needs to ask him?" Shichiro laughed, and clearly it was time for Japanese Culture with Senpai. Complete with a helpful grin. "Genmaicha is a kind of green tea mixed with roasted brown rice. Kind of a mix of a drink and a snack, really. Honestly, though, Japanese people can be weird about their tea. Matcha is the same way- they powder the stuff and then serve it like that. Has to be like sipping grass clippings, but some of them really like it, but..."

Sigh. Shrug. Oh, humans.

Once again, Shichiro didn't act as though anything odd had happened, nor did he acknowledge that gaze. Instead, he spoke right on, clearly interested in this tidbit of information. "You know... you should tell me about your home, sometime. And maybe I can show you mine. I think you'd be one of the few who could appreciate how much things have changed, and how much it means to me."

"Regardless... yeah, that sounds like them." A frown. The Kasugas were all right, they didn't litter or anything, but... some others were different. And all of them were loud, far louder than a fox could imagine being. Except in very special circumstances. That said, that last part had him worried. "Kylar... what kind of tricks? Some humans scare easily, but others will just take it as a challenge, as I'm sure you know..."
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"Mm-hm," Shichiro happily agreed. Humans could be really, really weird. Hearing that Kylar had a similar experience did make him feel a lot better. Made him chuckle, too, that last part. "Your secret is safe with me. They can get kind of insufferable, about things like that, especially when they're right. I'm glad that you don't have to deal with that any longer."

And ah hah, it was a date! Fantastic! Shichiro couldn't wait to arrange it, and he'd have to make sure that everything was just right, that Kylar would enjoy everything. "And hopefully there'll be some things that are similar, too. You know, there's a nice lake up in the mountains, that I've kind of claimed as mine. I know you like the swimming pool, but there's nothing like a natural spring, right?" If he had his tails, he'd be wagging them madly. He'd win Kylar over yet!

"And no, not all changes are bad. Some are, but... some are for the better. And some things haven't changed in hundreds of years. I think you'd like the trip." A sage nod. And hopefully, Kylar wouldn't like it just for the scenery.

"Mm, I see..." It was true that all humans had their limits, but they tended to be really high, indeed. What had Kylar done, in those bygone days? Well, he supposed it didn't matter too much, not with how it had happened so long ago. Still, Shichiro frowned at that last part. "That's... a shame, you know. It sounds like they work you pretty hard. Don't you get vacations or anything?"
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Hah hah! Maybe Kylar didn't have the extra bits to wave or move to signal his moods, but Shichiro could tell anyway. When someone who had been a bit disinterested and aloof suddenly had a light in his eyes, it was proof positive that the words had landed home. If Kylar had been on the right side of Shichiro, he could have seen the fox-god's shadow shifting into his hybrid form, with those tails wagging with his pure excitement. This was going to be great! "Then, you'll have to tell me when you'd be free, and we can make a day of it! I'll pack food, we can go swimming, it'll be fun!"

And maybe, if he made it really fun... maybe~!

Especially when Kylar said that he hadn't had a vacation in a long time. Hmph. Well, Shichiro would just have to make sure that this was one that Kylar would crave to repeat, in the future!

"At least things are going well enough for now... but how are you fitting in, with your classes? And have there been any problems with any of the nonhumans floating around the Academy?" Why yes, he was feeling a little protective of Kylar. And who could blame him, really?
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"That's a shame, you should have more going on," Shichiro said. Certainly, someone who'd lived as long as Kylar needed a hobby. Or a handsome and eager fox-god to help him pass the time.

Hearing Kylar relate his situation made Shichiro nod. "I suppose having to learn it all at once would be a little tricky. But you seem to learn just fine from stories, maybe we could do some studying together. History's a problem with me too, for the same reason. And for shame! Even non-humans should know math!"

A sage nod. Shichiro could get some of it, though it was quite tricky. "And really, you haven't? Sometimes it seems like the Academy is crawling with them. Ghosts and everything. Maybe you just haven't been looking very hard?"

Which made him think. "...did you ever explain why Arin chose this Academy? It's a bit far from anywhere, after all."
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"Oh, that! Hah, I suppose you're right. Even the humans must not be very good at it, if they keep having to find X over and over." A laugh. See? Math can be fun! You could multiply ten bushels by fifty bushels and still not match Shichiro's corniness. "But no... no, I find it kind of fascinating, more than anything else. Like magic with numbers. Science is kind of the same way."

The thought of which had his mind wandering with an oddly goofy smile- he sucked at science, but that didn't stop him from having wide-eyed amazement at it- up until Kylar said the t-word. That made Shichiro jerk, and then stared in disbelief as Kylar related his encounter with it. "H-huh... so you got an understanding with it..." By biting it. Repeatedly. Of all the ways to settle such a disagreement, Shichiro would not have expected that one.

The explanation made a lot of sense to him, and it also explained a fair bit. So Arin wanted to get here because of the atmosphere of the Academy, because of its legends and rumors... and even knowing that the supernatural world was real, he wanted to dig more into it anyway. He was brave or foolish, perhaps both. Impatient as only young humans could be. At least he had Kylar to look after him.

In his turn, Shichiro's smile dimmed, and he put his hands in his pockets as he turned his gaze toward the sky, instead of to his dining companion. "Most creatures around here speak Japanese, or any language they choose, or a kind of mish-mash. I don't think I've ever heard any of them sounding like you did then- what kind of language was it, anyway?- so I don't think they'll share it with you. And I am something different. I'm me."

A slight smile at that, but not with his usual puffing and preening. Instead, he softly sighed. "I'd keep a very close eye on that human of yours. There's something... very unwholesome about this place. Evil, I'd say. And it draws evil things to it like fire draws moths. You might attract them because you're a threat, or because you're a potential meal, or just because you're different. So... be careful, both of you, all right?" His eyes shifted over and he offered a slightly larger smile. "...I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you, Kylar."
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Hah, at least he'd gotten a smile! And Kylar really was kind of cute when he smiled. Shichiro would just have to keep a little bit of a comedy routine going, every so often, to see if he could tickle that humor. Later. For now, the question made him shudder. "You really must be a foreigner. Tentacle monsters in this area are... um... notorious, for certain things. It isn't so much that I don't think I could win, but the consequences of doing it might be... a little more than I'd like."

Perhaps ignorance was bliss, in that sense? He was kind of wishing he could have seen it.

Fae language... huh, no, he'd never heard of that, but it was something to go on. Sounded exotic, and the idea of a common tongue for many creatures made a lot of sense. "I haven't heard of anything like that, but there might be others that would? And well... I'd tell you, but you haven't told me what you are. That's hardly fair, right? You tell me what you are, and I'll tell you what I am. Otherwise, I think guessing is a fun way of passing the time."

It was good, too, that Kylar had anticipated trouble, and that he was prepared to deal with it. Even better that he could admit when he was in need of help. But that last part... that made Shichiro perk up, and a warm smile crossed his face at that. "...you really trust me, Kylar?"

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