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The Magical Shoving Match [Closed to Sumire]

Ever since his last encounter with Sumire who had actually been Dopple, but still, Tom had held a great deal of suspicion toward the school nurse. There were far too many injuries in this school for her to not ask questions, and that meant she was either complicit or she knew more than she let on. Chances were also good that she'd have some kind of record about the more supernatural students and the other people in the school. So, whether she was incompetent or evil, confronting her would be a very good idea.

Tom waited until school was over and the infirmary was empty before he made his move. Sumire tended to linger, putting away supplies and otherwise tidying up, so that was the best chance he'd have. Hopefully this would end all right, and she wouldn't need to be hit with a few mysteries, but if that was what it took...

...if that was what it took. He took a few deep breaths to steel himself, and then let himself in. Then he closed the door behind him, hoping that no one would interrupt this. "Nurse Sumire?"
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Sumire sat at her desk, filling out an accident report on a pair of students who had been injured in (surprisingly) normal circumstance (for once). She had pulled off her glasses an rested them on the desk, but looked up to give Tom a myopic squint as he came in.

"Yes? How can I help you?" She asked, and reached for the pair of spectacles (bright red today, a bold statement on an otherwise kind of matronly outfit). She didn't' recognize Tom, except as a vague mess of information on his medical sheet that her grandfather had been somewhat unhelpful filling out. Sumire put her pen down and adopted a motherly smile, ready to help the foreign student.
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It certainly didn't take him long to get to business, and Sumire tilted her head at him, assessing the boy.

"Medical histories are privatized, so I'm afraid the only person making it difficult on themselves is you." Sumire sighed gently. She hated to use her firm voice on students, but some just couldn't be told otherwise.
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"The law is important," Sumire replied and then the atmosphere in the room changed, as she shoved the metaphysical "pole" right back at Tom. He was unwieldy with it, a sign of survival-based learning, and no proper magical education.

And worse, they were at the school. She would've felt much better about doing this anywhere else except where she worked. "The law is what we follow so that none suffer needlessly. It is-" the pressure increased on Tom as she pushed back, lifting her hand to give her a sense of focus to the magic as she spoke, dropping each word with power. "Important to follow the law, in such a sense that the law is binding, the law is purposeful."

"So, no, Tom-kun, you're not getting those records." Sumire slipped on foot behind her to brace herself for what she was sure was going to be one hell of a retaliation.
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Tch, really? REALLY? Sumire thought as she felt the magic overlap hers, trying to put her out. "Honestly, who taught you? Karl Marx?" Sumire grumbled as she exerted her will - first to pull the Infirmary out of reality and then to bind Tom's hands to keep them from moving.

She chanted low, the litany of words bubbling over one another as she added layer after layer of reactive pressure onto Tom. Not enough to kill him, good gods, no - but enough to make him seriously reconsider his action. She was a powerful witch, after all.

Any Narimatsu had to be. "You are not getting them, you are going to sleep!"
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Sumire smoothed back a bit of loose hair as the infirmary settled back into natural reality. Tom was held suspended in the air as he slept and Sumire quickly put the infirmary to rights again. She then led him to a bed and loosened his uniform's collar slightly so that he could rest better.

Even if it didn't quite look like he was resting well at all. "You poor boy, women like me didn't teach you - but you certainly gave it your best shot." She smoothed a hand over his hair and returned to her desk to continue working on her report. After a moment, she stopped and unlocked the file cabinet that contained the records for the supernatural children under the school's care. She found his file, and the gobbledygook that made it up, and pulled out a new form.

Sleep spell administered to the individual in a contest of wills. One wonders why he felt the need to demand the documents within. He's currently resting, and will be gently questioned on this when he awakes again. - Murakami She put her seal on the piece of report and put in back into his file in the cabinet, locking it tightly both physically and magically.

The nurse stretched her arms out over her head and yawned. That had been quite an event, and it had been some time since Sumire had been pushed to almost the full threshold of her powers.
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Sumire looked up as Tom grew louder and louder. She didn't need to move quickly - they'd had their bout, and he'd been defeated. But he was also young, and she wasn't about to put her guard down so easily.

"I am sorry you didn't sleep well - they're usually more restful spells than that," she looked him over. "Would you like some water? Maybe a little chocolate? I think it chases off the bad dreams quickly."
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Sumire nods and opens a drawer in her desk to pull out a golden Godiva box. She plucks out a truffle, decorated with white chocolate and a pink sakura blossom, and gives it to him, crossing the room to stand at the side of the bed.

"Here you are. How are you feeling? Do you often have dreams like that?" Not good for a student trying to learn.
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"Principal Narimatsu gave me your file, but it isn't quite as clear medically as we would normally like. I know you're in our supernatural set, because we take great pains to make it as normal and comfortable here as possible."

Which reminded her, she looked over Tom and offered him another truffle. "You don't have to explain now, naturally, but if you have something a little worse than a common cold or a paper cut, it would be best if I knew how best to treat you."
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"Of course I do; it would be hard to tend to a werewolf or a vampire if we didn't know." Anyway, she was a Narimatsu, too. Even young witches sometimes had issues that couldn't be explained away by normal medicine.

"So, a typical human treatment, then? I look forward to you explaining it at some point in the future." Sumire patted his shoulder. "Would you like to rest a little while? I can call the dorm mother and let her know you might be late for supper."
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"How? We do preliminary background checks for all students. For those who have... more suspicious backgrounds, we check more deeply. No one here is on your side more than the Principal and myself. But for the most part, we're the only two people in the school aware of things. It keeps it..."

Sumire smiled and ate a truffle herself. "Normal, I suppose. We want every student to feel as normal as possible here. We encourage them to join clubs too - just for that purpose." And to make sure that humans didn't end up on the menu for some of their students, if they saw them as friends and partners. But that was more than a young man like Tom needed to know.

"Have another truffle and relax, Marsh-kun."
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"I am on your side, Marsh-kun. I know that you had a very hard time of it before you came here." Sumire said softly. "That said, we here at the school will do our best to make your time here happy and enjoyable."

Students, even one with shadowed backgrounds like Tom's, deserved happiness. Perhaps even moreso than people like Amamiya-chan, who grew up in the love and adoration of her parents. "So yes, I am on your side. And there are plenty of sports clubs to try. Remember, you have two years with us here. That's plenty of time to fit in." Tom had the advantage of being tall enough to fit in well with the sports teams. Maybe he could even make a few new friends.
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Sumire frowned thoughtfully as Tom let his fear be laid bare. Was he really so concerned that he wouldn't make it? Surely, the courses were rigorous, but she had faith in him. As for his familial situation, they had ways around that.

"Of course you can - even if it's just to take a nap. It'll be our little secret," she winked at him.
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"Lots of practice, and a good bloodline," Sumire said cheerfully. "That's why it's so casual." She closed up the truffles and took out a little bottle of milk, offering it to Tom to wash down the chocolate he'd eaten.

"But we have spells just the same, less... mm. Casual ones, yes. But explaining that right now is a bit too much." She still had office work to finish before Ono had a fit, after all.
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"For some things, and not for others," Sumire replied with a smile. She patted his arm.

"It's alright; I haven't had to work that hard in a long while. It's good to exercise even that. There are no hard feelings, Marsh-kun. Remember what I said about coming back here anytime."