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[Semi-Open] Bump to the Stars! [Kokoro, Ulf, ???]

((OOC: Shortly before the school trip.))

Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro’s volleyball bounced between her wrists and into the air, over and over. The last game could have gone better, and while the Kikuryou Yurei had managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat (securing their place in the playoffs!) Kokoro couldn’t help but feel like she could have done much better. Her spikes only got them so far, and her passes were generally agreed to be her weak point.

Of course, it was hard to bump a ball she couldn’t pass to anyone. The tallest girl both on the team and (she feared) within the entire school, was dressed in her practice uniform, pink hair darker with sweat at her temples. The weird thing that had attacked them in the locker room at the opening day seemed to have squiggled off somewhere, leaving it free and clear for the girls’ sports teams to use.

Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro let her hands drop and caught the ball. "I need to get this together. Come on, me."
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As nice as his unexpected vacation home had been, Ulf had found himself really missing school. This was a totally new experience for him and he wasn't sure how to deal with it, so in the end he decided to just enjoy what was in front of him. Missing the opening ceremony felt kind of weird, and he was a little off-kilter coming back into a place where everyone had already settled back into new routines. As a result Ulf spent a lot of time roaming around, refamiliarising himself with the landscape and his 'territory', checking on things he'd been watching and discovering new along the way.

Eventually, though, he had to set a routine for himself as well, and the easiest way to do that was by catching up with familiar faces. With the first rush of classes, it was hard to do that during school hours. Instead Ulf checked club schedules and put them together with the knowledge of familiarity; in due course, it should have been no surprise that he turned up at the gym with a lean grin and his sports kit on. "Kokoro-Kokomo," he singsonged, holding his hands up for the ball, "You look stuck!"
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Ulf only really started playing volleyball for fun (and, okay, because Kokoro kept pestering him to give her someone to train with) but receiving came pretty naturally to him. The idea of throwing oneself in front of an incoming object for the sake of a team was ingrained deep into his bones; the rest was mostly a matter of mechanics. Following the ball's path, he sunk into a crouch and returned the volley neatly, jogging to a spot opposite her.

"That'd be awesome, thanks!" New faces were to be expected, although for them to be third years was a little more unusual. As for Suguru... "What's he up to now?"
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While he was a good runner (of course) Ulf's problem wasn't the getting started. It was the stopping. Hence when he dashed for the ball he overshot it, and it thumped into his chest with a winded grunt. Ouch.

"Sorry! I'm a little rusty, huh?" Ulf picked the ball up and did his best to serve-set it towards her - practice could be tricky with only two, especially when one was a part-timer anyway. "That does sound suspicious. Are any of the newcomers girls...?"
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"Kokomo, please! Have some more faith in me!" Ulf wasn't capable of pouting and receiving all the same time, but he tried his best. "I meant, maybe if there was a new girl around he was trying to put on a good act for her."

That made sense, right? It'd be sort of creepy if Suguru was becoming a real person all by himself. Which was a mean thought, really, but vampires, man.

It really was a bit of a struggle, trying to practice like this with just the two of them. Eventually the ball just seemed to run out of momentum. "Of course I will." Receive, grunt, return. "I'll be front and centre, and when you win I'll take you out for dinner somewhere that doesn't even serve meat. Sound like a good incentive?" Honestly, if the fact that he'd go a night without steak wasn't a good enough prize, Ulf couldn't imagine anything would be. Except perhaps for winning in its own right.
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Ulf nearly bit his tongue at the thought. God, that really would be dangerous. Making sure he didn't do anything to unsuspecting girls was already enough (although, in the vampire's defence, it wasn't as if Ulf had caught him at anything since that one time with Kokoro) but having to include the rest of the school under his umbrella of protection would be pretty tiring. Maybe, just maybe, Suguru getting a girlfriend (or boyfriend) would actually be ideal instead of hideous. Ulf'd have to think about it more.

"Yeah, that's a thing, I guess," he agreed noncommittally. At least his Kokomo was already distracting herself and there was no further need for discussion on the subject of bisexuality. Or pansexuality. Or-- yeah, pepper drills sounded way easier.

Taking his place offside of her, Ulf nodded. "Hit me!"
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Suguru poked his head out from under the bleachers. He was completely ashen gray in the face as if exhausted and gave a huge yawn. He was dragging his school bag with him and in his hand were a pencil and eraser.

He shuffled out, a little dusty, from his hiding spot. "You guys're noisy," he grumbled.

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Suguru's eyes flashed with concern with when the ball went for Kokoro, and he partially lunged forward as if to help her. For a split second he looked as awake and alert as anything.

Then he remembered himself and drew back, face going back to his exhausted, just-woke-up expression. "Careful," he muttered, stuffing his pencil and eraser in his pocket. He eyed the two of them, wary.
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Whoops. A ball to the chest was always a possibility in volleyball, but Ulf winced sympathetically anyway and scooped up the ball before it could escape. "Shit, sorry, Kokoro! You okay?" Perhaps patting her vigorously on the back was not the best way to help, but it was one of Ulf's programmed responses to a situation like this and so it happened anyway.

Despite his attempt at care, the disheveled state of their interruption didn't go unnoticed, but it also wasn't unusual enough that Ulf was particularly freaked out about it. What worried him more was that he hadn't even smelled Suguru until he'd known he was there. Had his vacation made him dull?

His eyes slightly narrowed but tone neutral, Ulf asked, "What were you doing under there, anyway? There's better places to study. And nap."
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Suguru looked at Ulf and Kokoro slowly, thoughtfully. His eyebrows furrowed. Then he gave a huff through his nose and shrugged. "I was sleepin'," he said flippantly. "It's dark there. And it was quiet. You know. Nobody talking about you behind your back."

He shouldered his school bag. "I only missed P.E.," he pointed out, facing Kokoro now. "Not a subject needed for graduation." The principal actually knew all about it, according to their deal, but that was none of Kokoro's business. "But thank you for the message, guys," Suguru enunciated.

He turned on his heel and headed for the door to find the school nurse. "Later."
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One hand absently ruffling Kokoro's (rather sweaty) hair, Ulf's frown deepened. Suguru's attempt at a jab didn't faze him - after all, they both knew Ulf'd said worse to his face.

"If it's a peace and quiet you want, what's wrong with your room?" he wanted to know. "Is it haunted?"

After all, that was a distinct possibility. And Ulf had been gone for a few weeks.
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Suguru paused. He took a deep breath and seemed to loosen his shoulders just a bit. "Nah, my room is fine," he replied, blinking. "'S nice. No ghosts. I had ta stick around cuz I got to go to the library in--" he took out and looked at his ~brand new~ shiny cell phone. Yes, he actually had one finally!!!

"Five minutes." Then he glanced away and shuffled a foot. He covered his mouth and mumbled in a small voice. It kind of sounded like "Fr stdy grp."
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Damn; Ulf had sort of been hoping for the haunted option. He hadn't seen a proper school ghost in ages. It was almost like homesickness.

He began to scoff, "Study grou-- Oi, wait a second! When did you finally crawl out of last century? Did your shitty old flip phone finally die?" Amazing. Miracles had happened in Ulf's absence. Shaking his head, he clapped Suguru roughly on the shoulder. "Congratulations, man. Your first is always special."
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Suguru afforded Ulf a weird look. "Uh... yeah," he said, "I'm not sure why you're on such intimate terms with your phone? I had to get a new one. My old one was bu--" he stopped himself and picked a different word quickly. "There was something wrong with it." There, that wasn't a lie at all. Bugged by hunters, to be exact, and he'd tested it by saying he'd be at such and such a place and didn't have to wait long before somebody from the Vatican was snooping around the spot. Suguru would advise Ulf of the danger when he could in private.

"Some kind of weird virus was on it. So what did I miss in P.E.?
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Ulf never really expected Suguru to get the joke, but he could have at least attempted a sense of humour. Ah, well. "I can't believe such a Stone Age relic even got a virus. That's kind of amazing."

So amazing, in fact, that it sounded suspicious. Oh, well. If it was important, Suguru would let him know. Probably. Maybe? Hopefully.

"Yeah, we won. The other team was crap at cheating, which always helps. I think that was about it?" He pauses to think. "Kinamoto invited everyone to watch some new porno flick he got, if you're into that, but I find his taste questionable."

Maybe he shouldn't have been saying such things in front of Kokoro, but she was sensible enough to just roll eyes and maybe punch him.
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"Why would anybody feel like that need to cheat at a volleyball game during P.E.," Suguru said flatly, irritated just hearing it. "The guys in our class this year are even dumber than dumb. Who. Cares. Play better or just don't win."

"Kinamoto's taste in everything is questionable," he muttered. He had no desire to hang out with those morons in his free time. He wasn't even sure they knew how to breathe air on their own.

Suguru nodded to the volleyball they had been playing. "Finals coming up. Right? You.... working on some kinda new technique?"