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Midori's First Day

{Backdated to 1 week before trip}

Tap tap tap tap
Midori’s school shoes made a distinct noise as she hurried down the hallway.  Great! My first day and I’m going to be late! She groaned and turned down another corridor desperately trying to find her home room. It’s really not my fault though.  I just flew in yesterday and haven’t gotten a chance to get use to the time change.  No, no she couldn’t think like that.  Grandmother had told her Americans make excuses, but Japanese begged forgiveness and took full responsibility for their mistakes.

              She turned down another corridor hurrying along, her headphones blaring her newest techno mix she had made on the long flight from LA.  She loved her new headphones, Grandmother had said they were totally inappropriate for Japan, but mother had said she needed a going away present and something to remember America by, so she had gotten the latest Beats by Dre and they were electric purple too! She looked up at a door she was passing. 1-C?! But I’m a second year!   How could she be lost?  Her high school in America was easily double this size and she’d never ever gotten lost, even on her first day.

                Midori shivered, feeling the air get suddenly very cold around her.  Something didn’t feel right all of a sudden.  She quickened her pace, desperately trying to find at least the hallway that held the second year homerooms.  Taptaptaptaptap  she turned again.  She was going to be so very very late.  She hadn’t even seen another person this morning.  The air got colder and she could swear she could feel something behind her.  She whirled around, her black and red hair twirling around her as she did so.  “Hello?”  Nobody was there. She pulled her headphones down around her neck, the loud club music blaring from them.

              Get a hold of yourself Midori.  She mentally shook herself and turned back around hurrying down the hall again.  She glanced over at a door she was walking past.  1-C…hadn’t she already passed that?  She turned around trying to get her bearings but the corridor just went on and on and on in both directions.  Where in the heck was she?!  Then she heard it.  A soft whispering kind of growl that seemed to just slide inside her skin and down her spine. A kappa!  She’d been terrified her whole life that one was coming for her.  Hadn’t Grandmother said they come after kids that misbehaved?  She was late for class on her very first day and now a kappa was coming to get her!

              She broke out in to a run, her shoes clacking on the floor as she went.  Stupid restrictive school uniform!  How could she properly run away from a mythical kid eating beast in this?  Oh how she longed for her board shorts, t-shirt, and Nikes.  Nothing could catch her in something practical like that.  Midori ran and ran down the endless hall. 1-C again.  She had passed it before!  What was going on with this freaky school?  Grandmother never warned her about endless halls and monsters chasing her down them.  “I’m a good girl!  I just got lost!”  She yelled over her shoulder as she kept running, her bookbag bouncing on her back with each stride of her long legs.

              A pair of double doors appeared to her left and she burst through them.  “Help me!”  She cried out, but the room…it wasn’t a school room.  It was a bog…just like where the kappas lived and took you to eat you!  She screamed, louder than she knew she was even capable of doing and turned and ran back out the doors.  No kappa was going to eat her!  She could feel it gaining on her.  That low growl getting louder and louder, the air getting colder and wetter.

              “Somebody?  Anybody?”  She yelled out as she ran down the endless hallway.  Then she felt the talisman bouncing against her chest as she ran.  Grandmother’s talisman!  She had made Midori to promise to never ever take it off.  It had protected Grandmother as a young girl all she had to do was say the prayer.

              Midori grasped the talisman in both hands, the small rectangular talisman that had Grandmother’s family name on it, dangling from the silver chain.  She fell to her knees and started reciting the prayer she’d been taught since she could talk.  “Kind benevolent spirits please protect us and show us the path to the light.”  She repeated it over and over again, her eyes squeezed shut as she waited for the kappa to pounce on her, but the kappa never came.  She more felt the light pouring out around her than actually seeing it, and then the air was warm again.  She opened on green eye peeking around, and then the other.  Everything looked normal again, her music began to blare from the headphones around her neck.  She hadn’t even noticed that they had stopped.  She looked around.  Everything looked normal again.  There was a door right in front of her, she peered up at it.  2-C.  She slowly got to her feet, smoothed her skirt and then her hair, took a deep breath and knocked on the closed door before opening it and going in.  “Ohayo gozaimasu.  Please forgive my lateness sensei.”

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Yuzuya looked up from where he was standing in front of the class as they chatted and studied.

"Just in time," he said, congenially. He raised a hand in greeting. "But you came in the wrong door," he whispered to Midori behind his hand. "This door at the front of the room is marked for teachers. Students go in the one at the back." Yuzuya indicated the other door. Midori could see that it was the same wall on the right side of the classroom, just with two different sets of sliding doors.

If that didn't seem like a weird rule to an American, nothing would.

Yuzuya smiled politely. "Just use that door from now on, okay? It'll help them accept you." He nodded at the rest of the class. "You'll learn fast that equality is key in Japanese school. Everything among students has to be fair."

He stood tall and tucked his greyish hair behind one ear. "I'm Shibata, I'm your homeroom teacher. It's my job to look after you and be sure your needs are being met at school and at home. You call me Shibata-sensei. Can you tell me your name? I was told you were coming but I haven't gotten your file yet."
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"Your Japanese is so good!" He sighed and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Wow. Okay, that will take a load off of me. Whew." Yuzuya smiled sheepishly. "We're about to start class. I will write your name on the board in Japanese if you write the English letters. But two things first."

Yuzuya pointed discreetly at her headphones. "One. I'm supposed to confiscate those and give them to the Vice Principal, Ono-sensei to throw away. We are not allowed electronics of any kind in school. Except a graphing calculator but only when your teacher passes them out."

"Hide them in your bag," he whispered, cupping his hand around his mouth. "Make sure you don't let anyone see. Those look very expensive."
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"Well, then, well then! Write yourself, Malloy-san! By all means!" Yuzuya smiled brightly. Wow, that would really blow the kids away. Everybody believed that it was near impossible for non-native speakers to write the language. "They've likely never met an American. Show them what you're made of, yeah? Welcome to my class."

"Here, before they open class," he said, handing her a rubber band. "If the Vice Principal comes around? Use this to put your hair in a bun. She even has a rule about dyed hair, you see."
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"Ah, Malloy-san, wait wait!" Yuzuya interjected, trying to get her to come back. Oh dear, he should have given clearer instructions! "Stay here, stay here!" He tried to follow and tap her on the shoulder. Just then the clock hit the right number, and the class representative, a girl with long braids named Inoue Riho (Yuzuya just called her Inoue-san of course, like all of his kids), who was at the left side of the room, stood up.

"Kiritsu, please stand!" The girl called out. The English was a special thing Yuzuya had asked the students to vote on adding, to show respect to Kylar Stroud who was in their class.

At Inoue-san's signal, all of the students suddenly stopped what they were working on or chatting about and everyone stood and pushed in their chairs. Most were looking at Midori with open curiosity.

Yuzuya went back to stand at his formal position by the blackboard. The students turned their attention to him and Midori could see them straightening uniforms or pushing hair out of their eyes before looking at him. When Inoue judged that everyone was ready, she announced. "Rei. Bow."

The whole class bowed low to Yuzuya, eyes on the floor. "Yoroshiku Onegaishimaaaasu. Please teach us." This was how one could gauge how well he was teaching. Kids said this all over the country to their teachers every morning. The kids who were in classes who didn't care much would say something quick or rush through it till it sounded like "Yo-zasu." Yuzuya's homeroom said it clearly and in unison, looking directly at him after bowing in expectance.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Please teach me," Yuzuya said back with a more shallow bow. This too was not typical, but Yuzuya had added it because he wanted to show the students that they had a symbiotic relationship. He was always saying to them that they taught him new things every day. Yuzuya believed that if you want to learn, teach.

The students sat down and Yuzuya stacked his papers on the podium. "Good morning, all. We have a new student in our class today, and I would like you all to welcome her," Yuzuya explained in Japanese again. He turned to Midori. "Malloy-san, would you mind standing here by your name and giving a short self-introduction to the class?"
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"Malloy-san is Japanese from America," Yuzuya announced. "As you can see, she can speak and write Japanese very well. I would like you all to make her feel welcome in our class and show her the best of our culture. She may have questions for you or you may have questions for her. Think of what you would like to know for a minute while we get her a place to sit."

"Welcome to our class," the class chorused when Yuzuya signaled for it. A couple of kids were smiling and waving brightly. Some were whispering about the new student's hair or the things she'd said.

"Hmm," Yuzuya mused, and he walked up to a boy who happened to be sitting next to Kylar Stroud. "Shiraishi-san. Would you mind giving your desk to Malloy-san and going to sit in that back row next to Abe-san? She's been tutoring you, right?"

From the look that dawned on Shiraishi's face, Yuzuya seemed to have just granted his dearest wish. The boy's face became quite red. "T-tutoring me, yes. Yes. No, sensei, I would not mind one bit!"

From the back of the room Abe-san gave a silent "yes!!!!” pump of her fist in victory, eyes twinkling happily. Well, it appeared Shibata-sensei had just made two teenagers very happy today.

"We'll have you sit next to Stroud-san, Malloy-san," Yuzuya explained. "He's also from abroad and has been here a few years. You can help each other out woth any questions you may have, and it may help with culture shock. Stroud-san, would you please be a good friend to Malloy-san," he requested.

"All right, then. If you have a question for Malloy-san-- a courteous, appropriate one, mind-- please write it on a paper and put it in the suggestion box on my desk," Yuzuya ordered. "The rest of this period shall be free study time. You may out your desks together into your groups of three. Don't talk too loudly."

"Malloy-san," Yuzuya added in a quieter voice. "These two are your study group-- Stroud-san and Kasuga-san here. Don't be afraid to ask them for help."
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Kylar sat up straighter in his seat once he'd been called on. He definitely hadn't been zoning out at the time had been giving the introduction at least some attention, resting his cheek against his hand as he leaned forward on the desk. Now that he'd been given some responsibility he looked more present.

Responsibility he wasn't entirely sure he wanted. Or could exactly handle. After all, he had someone else helping him for the same reasons and that may or may not have been why he'd been doing a bit of daydreaming just then.

Regardless, Kylar gave a nod to Yuzuya's request and then spared a glance over at Nao. At least she was present to help!
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Nao had actually been hiding behind Kylar's extremely convenient height, praying during the free time this morning, hands making a seal and her big brown eyes closed.

She had a lot on her mind to pray about. First on her mind? Her family's safety. There had been a big attack last night on the barrier between the school and forest. It had been a slug youkai that had been at least 20 feet or more long. The battle had been rough and dangerous because the thing used projectile miasma vomit. Grandpa was getting so slow, but still insisted on trying to do everything himself with the rest of the family as backup from a distance. That just didn't work for Nao, not when it was clear that Grandpa's energy level with fuda was waning. She had stepped in to help at the front. They'd fought the monster and then he'd turned on her in frustration and anger, trying to tell her that she should have stayed back. As if the monster was not now in a pile of ashes thanks to her. Not. Fair. Now she was very tired after the night's battle and her feelings were singed, too.

Second in her prayers, her desk-neighbor Kylar seemed so different lately. That first day of school he had seemed the picture of cool and confident. Lately though.... Not as much. She had observed him daydreaming a lot more than other kids. Sometimes wistfully, with hope or maybe even happiness. But his posture looked a little troubled, a lot of times, and that's how it looked to Nao's eyes today. Maybe he was homesick, or perhaps having trouble making friends, Nao reasoned with concern. In any case, she just couldn't ignore such a good person when he seemed down.

So she'd been surreptitiously holding her hands in a circle seal to focus energy, and aim at Kylar's tall back, eyes open and pretending to pay attention while Shibata-sensei was talking.

O ye ancient and revered kami, all around us. Below and above, before and after, small and large, awake and slumbering, seen and unseen, please hear my humble prayer. May you give a blessing, and comfort this one. He is a good person and he seems troubled. He is probably quite lonely here in Japan and he must miss his old home. Maybe he doesn't have an easy time here.

Please give him blessings in his life. Something he needs. You know what it is more than I do, after all. Please warm his heart and give him hope and comfort, allow him to understand it when people care about him. Well, I care about him, and I am sure his brother and friends do too.He really is a good person. A nice person. And he does understand a lot of things about you, Kami-samas....

That was when Shibata-sensei approached and addressed them. Kylar turned and looked at her and she realized she had just missed everything that had happened.

"Yes! Right! Will do, Shibata-sensei!" Nao stood up as if she had sat on a tack and clapped her hands together. "Leave it to me! I'll get this done right now--"

When the teacher had left, Nao looked from Midori to Kylar. "What is it that I am supposed to do," she whispered to them, hand shielding her mouth from the teacher.

Then she looked at Midori and gave a double take. "Oh!!!! Hi there! I thought Shiraishi-kun looked prettier today. But you're not Shiraishi-kun-- or, or, wait, are you?" Nao squinted hard at Midori, looking for Shiraishi-like hints.
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Kylar had sensed a warmth about Nao since he'd met her but when he looked at her then it seemed even more so than usual. That was due in part to the fact that ever since he had learned that the Kasugas had a connection to Shichiro he had felt more obligated-.. no, that was the wrong word. He'd felt more of a desire to look out for her and treat her kindly. Not as if that was difficult; of all the humans he'd met in his years she stuck out among the most kind and pure. That was a difficult thing to fake, he knew, and there had always been something about the girl that he wanted to protect ever since they'd shared words on the first day.

It was her innocent wonderment about everything, perhaps. He had no desire to disappoint her or spoil the way she seemed to believe the rest of the world was. In truth, she wasn't wholly incorrect. It was just much less romantic and.. what was a good word? Flashy? Flowery? Regardless, it didn't matter. Kylar would humour her vivid imagination. Besides, her genuine concern for 'Nessie' had been rather touching and adorable.

He had no idea that she was so kind as to pray to her gods for him, but whatever energy she'd been gathering he could sense. Simply the intent was there. The closed-lipped smile he offered her at her confusion was genuine and warm in his way. "Malloy-san," he began, his eye twitching a little at his pronunciation. If he'd managed to tone down his non-native accent before it really came out just then. "... she's in our study group. We're supposed to help her out with things.."
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"Oh! Well then, well then," Nao said with excitement. "You're so welcome, Marllloy-- um, Maruloi? Malloi-san." Nao stopped herself and scratched her face, embarrassed. Instead she reached out and took Midori's hand and held it warmly. "Excuse me terribly. Welcome to our group. I'm glad to meet you! I can help you catch up on any notes you need for classes. Stroud-kun is very intelligent too when he puts his mind to it. Did you just move to Kikuryou?"
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"I know I'd prefer it, actually," Kylar offered pleasantly. "To be honest I'm not accustomed to that myself.." A look was given towards Nao as if to say 'but I don't mind it if you refer to me that way'.

"You can call me Kylar if you'd like. I won't speak for Kasuga-chan though.." He hesitated a little as he mentioned Nao. Honourifics were another thing that was strange and took getting used to despite how well he'd grasped the language so quickly. He had a talent for that -- all human tongues had nothing in comparison to his own native one -- but it was the cultural nuances that puzzled him. It was why he'd taken a book out of the library. But somehow the '-chan' seemed fitting despite the option for something more formal. She was a tiny girl compared to him, after all.

As Midori went on explaining he tilted his head curiously, especially when she lowered her voice. "Is there something wrong with being American? Do hu-.. others still hold old grudges? From wartimes and all, I mean.."

Uggggh. Narrow catch there, genius. He sighed and promptly kept his mouth shut after that so he could focus. Between having things thrust upon him, so to speak, and his own wandering thoughts earlier he was a bit scattered yet.
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"Don't be ridiculous, that was a super long time ago. We don't have any problems with Americans," Nao corrected them, dismissing the notion flat out. "My grandparents especially love them. And my homeroom teacher last year was Japanese American."

Much more importantly to the diminutive miko, Inner Nao had just received a one-two punch and had been sent flying to the mat. Iyaaaaan~! She didn't even register Kylar's slip-up.

Did these two deskmates of hers just suggest that they go by given names? Like real regular everyday normal-er kids around in her class did? And they were intentionally including her in this group?!?! And then Kylar had called her -chan again?

Nao squeezed her eyes tight shut, hands on each cheek as she wobbled slightly from side to side. This is it. This is it! This-is-it-this-is-it! It's really happening! She felt warm and tingly, as if she was bathed in a heavenly golden light. Celestial maidens were singing a beautiful, sublime chord of victory and joy. Daises fell from the sky and buried her in a huge pile of fluffy softness. Nao hugged herself. Her flowery high school girl days were manifesting at this very moment right now, the moment she had been waiting for to cross off her bucket list, and she needed to remember every detail!

Nao's hands slammed down on the desk, eyes lit up with all kinds of stars and sparkles and glimmers like a classic heroine.

"Of course I will call you by your given names, that is no problem at all," she squeaked in excitement. But then she got to the next part and it was too much for her. Nao was sure there was steam escaping her ears. "And, and, a-a-and you can call me by m-mine if.... If you don't... Mind. Feel embarrassed to. You know. I won't even get a big head about it and think I'm cool. I promise! Aha! Ahaha!" Nao forced a laugh, trying to appear super chill about all this like it happened to her every day.
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Kylar watched Nao as she went through what he assumed was something playing out in her mind and he smiled a little. It seemed like a good one, like whatever she'd been thinking about before when he'd been telling her about his home. American miko time, maybe?

"If we're all using our given names then hers would be Nao," he said, answering Midori's question.

When the phone went off he peered at Midori curiously, tilting his head a little as she fought to hurry and answer it so she could silence it. She seemed like she was embarrassed over the entire ordeal and so he tried to think of something to say conversationally that might ease things for her a bit. At least he was trying to be helpful!

"Boyfriend checking in?"
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Nao was just ecstatic to hear Kylar say her name. She almost squealed with delight and had to cover her cheeks again. It was, as they say, super moe. "Yes, yes! I'm Nao," she piped up. "Kasuga Nao. Give me time to practice. Your name Marloy is only hard for me because l's and r's are confusing. I'm not good at English, but I love the way it sounds."

Nao looked very serious now, and a little sad. "And you should not ever call your name ugly, Midori-chan. It's your family's name, isn't it? You should wear it with pride! They gave it to you because they loved you enough to bring you into the world."

GASP!?!?! What was she DOING answering that call? Was she completely reckless or did she not know how to decline a call? Maybe that's just what she was used to. Perhaps school in America was full of cell phones and everybody used Apple products during class! Maybe they called the President of the United States and asked him to help them with test questions.

"Midori-chan, you have to turn the ringing off on that and not use it when the teachers are looking," Nao advised in a stage whisper, holding out a finger. "Everybody has them, but if you disrupt class, even Shibata-sensei will take it away. Look." Nao nodded at their teacher, who was very pointedly looking the other way at the moment. They could see him clear his throat and glance at them and then back again.
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Kylar continued his curious staring at Midori as she went on, only sparing a glance at Nao when she'd cautioned the girl about her cell phone. That was a particularly barren area for him -- technology.

Beats? Tablets?

Kylar wished that he'd been a bit more proactive about asking Arin about all of these things.

"... I don't have one. So I guess I'll never have to worry about that, at least. What is the problem though with having tablets? And.. Beats?"

If one didn't know any better he might've been thinking 'beets'. Pray for him.
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"Grandmas can be wrong sometimes, too. They are only human after all," Nao advised with a sheepish smile. "I live with mine so I know. In fact, if you miss yours you can borrow mine. She would love to meet you."

"Oh but turn your ringer off before you do, she's big on manners. Also my grandpa would listen to your conversation. He's rather nosy."

Nao turned to Kylar now. She had just been about to suggest an official Study Group Phone List plan but, "You don't have one? But what if you or Arin-kun got lost? Or hurt? Or kidnapped? You might need to call for help. Or what if Arin-kun wanted to call you just to say hi and he loves you very much, Big Brother, less than sign, three? You would miss it. How sad!"

"Kylar-kun, how would you check what time and date it is every few minutes, or take pictures of your food to remember how fancy it looked, or know how to slice fruit with a sword? How will you learn to-- to run your own bakery! You must have a phone to do those things."
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He looked between both girls as they expressed their shock and frankly, what appeared to be horror at his lack of technological know-how. Imagine if he had to use a computer.

"N-..No? Less than sign, three? I've never had to check the time and date all the time. The calendar tells you the date in the morning and the sun tells you what time it is.." He paused. "Or a clock. There's clocks everywhere.." He refrained from commentary about remembering how fancy his food looked because there was more than one way he could take that.

"I didn't know a phone could do all those things. I just never had any need to call anyone.." Landlines. His experience began and ended with landlines. He'd basically seen the invention of the telephone and its evolution but at some point he'd gotten left behind.

As Midori apparently sympathised with his statement he looked to her, tilting his head and looking a bit like a dog trying to reason out all the words that apparently did not mean what he thought they meant. After the phone fiasco he decided just to play along. "Maybe you can go outside more when we get free time and work there? Then there's plenty to hear."
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Nao looked with loving concern at her group. "Well, you have a need to call someone now, Kylar-kun. We are as if this moment, friends on a first-name basis. What if we need you quickly, or you need us? Friends should help each other," Nao explained, ever-patient.

"We are supposed to help each other with homework. And we have a duty to make sure Midori-san feels welcome here. A cell phone will help you communicate faster."

"You both should have my phone number," Nao said to each of them. She took out a bear notepad and wrote two copies of her name, address, and cell phone number as well as her house number in her careful, evenly spaced writing. "And anytime either of you want a home-cooked meal, you can come to do homework at my house. My grandma and mother will feed you good food."

"Um. If you like Japanese food, that is," she added, unsure if she was getting too bold for her place as class weirdo.
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"Well.. if you both feel it is that important for the good of everyone then.. maybe you can help me get one?" Asking Arin was a bad, terrible idea. He would insist that Kylar have nothing less than the newest and most expensive model. Meaning he would end up with some kind of insane smartphone he would never be able to figure out. Whatever Nao and Midori found appropriate would do.

He took the note Nao had written for him, which he would have to keep until he actually had a phone to save it in and so he tucked it away carefully for safekeeping.

"I don't mind. Whatever's easiest for you. I can read both just as well," he said, answering Midori's first question. "And Arin is my younger brother.." That was getting easier to say without the awkward hesitation the more anyone asked. "He's a first year here."
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"Real Japanese food," Nao said nervously, fiddling with the hems of her sleeves. Uh-ohhhh. Now she was a little worried as she looked at the other two. What if they thought her family's food was too cheap in quality? They usually had dishes that were made to stretch every yen as far as possible, little bits of meat with lots of vegetables or tofu to pad it out.

"I mean, um, we eat very simply but... It's good, to me anyway. And it bothers me to think that you both are so far from your homes. I don't think I'd last long that way. I think home-cooked meals are important. If you like fish and sometimes game..."

"Yes, we can help you buy a phone, Kylar-kun?" she suggested. Nao held up a finger and wagged it in disapproval of cell phone salespeople. "Ooh, they are much too tricky in those stores. You have to shop carefully to get the lowest price. Even if you just want a simple basic one. I will help you." Here her cheeks got a little pink. Gods, I am being way too opinionated and noisy today. So rude! It's going to come back and bite me in the bottom, I just know it. "If you don't mind going into town with girls, I mean."

"Arin-kun is very nice," Nao put in with a timid, sweet little smile.
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Kylar perked up. Fish? Game? Sign him right up.

"I like both of those things. Fish and game? I don't eat vegetables, so those would be very nice.."

He also seemed pleased at their willingness to help out. "I don't mind going into town with either of you. Is that something others mind here? In any case, since you two know so much about them you would be the best choice for the job. Arin prefers to simply buy whatever costs the most.."
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Nao tossed a hand behind her head with a nervous laugh. "Weeeell, I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed being seen walking in town with me," she said timidly.

"You know how people are," she said casually, as if people everywhere were exactly the same. "I'd hate for them to leave snails in your shoes in your outdoor shoes locker so that you put them on at the end of the day and they.... Um." Nao could not bring herself to say the words die or squished. She looked down, mournfully. Her fingers worried the worn edge of the sleeve of her cardigan sweater. It was coming unraveled.

"Then.... Then you'd have to feel terrible for killing poor adorable little snails. And then go home and make an offering and a prayer for their souls. I don't want that to happen to you, Kylar-kun. You're a good person and that's a terrible feeling."

"Oh, but!" She said suddenly. "If Midori-san is there too it will look like I'm tagging along after you two, so it should be fine! We should go and have a snack too!"
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Kylar looked somewhat confused as Midori gave him a suspicious look. What was she thinking?

But then she asked some very logical questions -- questions he himself might have asked if he'd ever been able to get a word in edgewise. Midori was clearly off on a tangent and he had to agree with what she was saying. Though the girl's tenacity was admirable and he could respect it she had a way about her that had even him taken aback a bit. She was likely to end up with a target painted on her back as well, though perhaps a bit differently than whatever Nao was dealing with.

And so he leaned forward a bit and waved a hand in the gesture to beckon Midori closer. "Ah.. Midori..-chan?" He was still unused to the honourifics but it seemed appropriate then with the two girls. "It probably would not do you any good to get in trouble yourself. Don't worry.."

Kylar looked over at Nao then as he continued. "I would not be embarrassed to be seen with Nao-chan. I would be happy to be able to go shopping with a friend. I was nervous when I got here and she made me feel very welcome.." He offered Midori a small smile. "Which I assume you noticed as well yourself? Furthermore.."

He sat up straighter and looked around the room himself. "... If anyone wants to try something like pranking me by putting snails in my shoes they're welcome to try. I'll find them and well-.." He folded his arms and relaxed into his seat again, looking confident. "Do I look like someone anyone should pick a fight with? I think soon enough everyone will know that treating Nao-chan with anything less than the respect she deserves will have unpleasant consequences.."

Midori was more than welcome to join, but Kylar had already decided to elect himself officially as her unofficial protector ever since the girls had made snide remarks about her in his presence on their first day of classes..