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Surely Music is allowed at lunch! {Open}

{ OOC:  Post dated a week before the trip }

The air felt cool and refreshing on her face as Midori walked outside with her lunch in her hand.  The first half of her first day had certainly been…different.  First she had gotten lost and then while she was trying to find her home room before being incredibly late a kappa had chased her down an endless hallway, and she was positive that’s what it had been.  Then she had come in the wrong doors.  Really separate doors for teachers and students?  Then Shibata-sensei had told her that electronics were banned and he was supposed to give them to the vice principal to throw away! She was so grateful that he had taken pity on her and told her to just hide them in her bag!  What would she had done if he had actually taken them?!  Probably something incredibly foolish that would get her in trouble.  She gasped then.  What if they still paddled students in Japan? Grandmother told her things were much stricter here than back home.  Oh she couldn’t even entertain that idea!  Isn’t the kappa running around in the halls enough of a punishment?

She found a big shady tree and plopped down, leaning against it.  Well at least it was lunch time now.  She took the rubber band out of her hair and shook her head, finger combing her black hair with the bright red streaks.  Shibata-sensei had told her there was some silly rule about dyed hair too.  She hadn’t really believed him, surely that was something Grandmother had cooked up and called him to tell her.  Still she had humored him and put her hair up. 

I wonder what Grandmother sent in my pack.  The options had to be limited she had packed it two days ago.  Midori had just gotten off the plane yesterday.  “Onigiri!”  She laughed as she opened up her lunch bag and saw.  It was her favorite food when she was little and grandmother had always made it for her first day of school.  She pulled out her bright purple headphones, surely they were allowed during lunch!  But she peeked around really quick before putting them on her head and turning on a club mix as she popped open a can of Coca-Cola.  She stared at the can smiling.  She had been surprised they had it in here in Japan.  What else had Grandmother neglected to tell her about the mother land?

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One thing Hisashi had always enjoyed was people watching, even if in his younger days the people all seemed to blend together. Seemed, being the key word, because he was attentive enough to know the difference.

Things were a lot easier now. Uniforms and rules and guidelines stripped away quite a bit of one's individuality but Hisashi noted that there were few students who didn't try to bend the rules here and there. From what he could tell of this girl, she was more interested in breaking them outright. Red streaks in her hair? His grey-blue eyes narrowed as he peered down at her, studying her from his perch on one of the branches of the tree she was sitting under. He couldn't think of a creature that might retain that colouring in another form, but perhaps she was something he hadn't yet encountered. That was one to file away for later.

He was laying on his stomach on the low, thick tree branch with his hands folded under his chin as he observed, looking like he could easily nap there in the shade if he wasn't so busy being nosy. Nosy and then obnoxious, apparently. True, the tree could be dropping things all around her whenever there was a stiff breeze, but it didn't quite seem random and didn't always happen when the wind would blow.

Tap. Tap. Tap. The little tree nuts kept raining down all around her. If it wasn't for those illegal headphones she'd have probably noticed him by now.
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Hisashi lifted his head, his brows rising up as well as she took off in such a dramatic fashion. He winced a little as each of her things hit the ground in turn, letting out a little huff of a sigh as settled his chin on his hands again.

"Pretty jumpy for a rebel," he said, referring to her hair and her headphones. "You wouldn't have to run if you learned how to hide better, you know?"
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He wore a particularly curious look when she objected to his assessment of her. "What are you then? That looked pretty jumpy to me. But who can blame you with all the rumours going on about this place, right?"

"As to hiding.. you didn't see me here when you sat down, did you?" If only it were so easy for everyone to climb trees and be so comfortable.

"Let's see.. under the bleachers in the gym is not so bad. Lockers? The roof. Though as I hear it you're not technically supposed to be up there, but getting around unseen is kind of the point.."
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"Really? Not even a one? You never heard that this place is supposed to be haunted? Or that the woods are supposed to be full of all kinds of horrible things?" He spoke about it all very casually, like it was no big deal as far as he was concerned.

What he didn't expect was for her to climb the tree as well and he moved quickly enough to make room. He let her have the space nearest the trunk, edging further out though he didn't seem concerned about losing his footing as he crouched on the branch.

"Boys hiding in trees sounds like something a grandmother would be very sure to warn a girl about. Not that I was up here waiting for girls to come and sit there. I was having a nap, thank you very much.." Might as well nip any potential accusations of weird perversions in the bud while he had the chance.
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"That depends. Do you believe there's more to things than meets the eye? I, for one, know there's more at work than people think.." he said, leaning over to whisper back.

But then he straightened again and spoke normally. "And I was busy napping. I'm just a light sleeper. Especially when someone comes around being real excited about onigiri.."
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Grandmother sounded like a wise woman, at least. And if she knew about things, perhaps she had some idea what was going on with the world. "Does she live around here? Your Grandmother, I mean. Your parents.. sound much less local.."

Hamburgers and spaghetti were both foreign dishes that, to him, were quite literally foreign. He'd heard about them but never actually had a chance to eat either of them.
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"I understand.." He said, giving a nod. In truth, he didn't understand it directly, but he recalled the time. Tragedy always brought out the most worshippers.

His expression brightened a little though after that. "But I wouldn't worry too much. You're not from here, but you don't scream foreigner by the look of you."
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Hisashi smirked a little in return. "I take no offence personally, though I suppose in the interest of good manners I should remind you that you might notice that most people refer to each other by their surnames. All very honourable and respectful. It's nice, but.." His expression turned into a wider smile.

"I'm fine if you don't mind it sounding like we're very close, Midori-chan.." he said with a little snicker. "But I'm Tatsuno Hisashi. Nice to meet you."
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"If you want to be more formal, then 'Tatsuno-kun' will do. 'Hisashi-chan' is-.." he laughed then grinned at her. "That'd be one way to hint at wanting to date me. But let's make it simpler, hm? Others might be pickier and I refuse to let it start with me!"

Perched as he was on the branch one might think he wouldn't be too keen to move too much, and yet he shifted forward some and offered her his hand. Handshakes, to his knowledge, were more of a Western thing. So perhaps that would be comforting to her? All that people watching and time spent trying to figure out the Internet had taught him a thing or two.

"Midori-chan it is, because it is pretty. And I am sure I would botch.. Malloy.." he said the word carefully but it was clear he struggled a bit to sort out the pronunciation. ".. I would botch that too often. And I will be Hisashi-kun, to make things easier on you. As I said, your Grandmother sounds like a fine, wise woman, but if you have any questions you can ask. We're good friends now and all," Hisashi said, his smile remaining bright. So far he liked this girl; she seemed very innocent and more concerned with surviving the human high school experience than anything major. Rather a stroke of bad luck to end up at this particular Academy then, perhaps?

His voice lowered though he was fairly certain no one was eavesdropping on their conversation. He'd have sensed them, surely?

"I have seen some things. There is more to the forest around here than birds and trees, I'll say. I would not go there alone if I could avoid it, but if you must I suggest bringing things with you. Things for offerings. And beyond that, watch where you're going because you don't want to disturb anyone's home. You wouldn't want anyone stomping through yours, right? They just want the same respect.."
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"Is that so? How curious.." It was true something was going on at the school that had attracted the attention of things here and there, but Hisashi had not assumed it was anything so obvious.

"How was it you got away? Might be a good thing to know in the event I ever run into him.."
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Hisashi had tilted his head as he listened, watching her closely. If one was particularly observant they might notice the intensity of the look, though it wasn't a threatening one, simply focused.

"A talisman? It must have some sort of special properties then? Perhaps something had you caught up in some sort of illusion? Which isn't to say I don't believe you; there very well could be something like that.." He tapped his chin with a finger as he thought about it, sitting back on his heels as he folded his arms. The branch moved a little in response to the shifting of his weight but he seemed just fine and it didn't move so much closer to the trunk where she was sitting that it should disturb her.

"Maybe there are ghosts or spirits about. A trickster? Tricksters can be.. well.. tricky. To be plain and obvious.."

It seemed he believed her entirely though he knew he should take care. Sounding like a boy interested in paranormal activity was one thing but it was too soon to start making people suspicious as well.
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Hisashi nodded. "Sometimes it's just intent that gives something power. Or rather, the belief. But in its way it's all the same.." He tapped a finger against his temple. "Mind over matter, you know."

He shifted the way he was sitting on the branch, squatting and balancing more on his toes before resting his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. "If that's what you were most afraid of encountering, than it knew just how to get to you. Have you been worried about that? One with the right sort of intuition could read that in your energy.."

Hisashi smiled, his eyes crinkling in that way that was so very catlike. "Have you ever had anyone read cards for you? It works similarly, except the cards tell the story more clearly for those who can't simply know on a whim.."
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Hisashi shrugged. "Maybe you don't give her enough credit. Maybe it was the talisman. Maybe it was her. Maybe it was a combination of the two. It's hard to tell if you don't know how these things necessarily work.."

He shifted a bit where he was perched, reacting to the quickness of her motion. Whatever it was that she was looking for it seemed there was no actual threat and so he settled again.

"Kappa can be appeased, which is the good news. Did she tell you how to do that? Of course, not running into them at all is best so naturally telling you to avoid them would be the smartest thing.." He smiled at her, nodding in response to her next question.

"I do. It's an interesting.. mm.. hobby to keep on the side.." And it was good for the extra money as well.
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Hisashi smiled and waved a hand. "Don't worry about it too much. There's a lot of things in the world we don't understand. It's nothing to feel bad about. As for kappa, they don't like having their homes disturbed, as you know. But they appreciate respect, so bringing them kind offerings and showing them that you respect their home and their power makes them happy. It makes most things happy, you know? If someone brought you an offering and told you that they had respect for your home and your things you wouldn't want to chase them, would you?"

His grin widened as she asked about the cards. "I can, if you'd like. Is there a specific thing you want to know or simply whatever message they want to tell you?"
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"Food is nice. Or some kind of trinket. Why don't you read a little about them? I'm sure there's books about the stories in the library. That way you'll know exactly what they like the most. Your Grandmother isn't entirely wrong.. a lot of ayakashi will do those things. Some are outright malevolent and others can just be territorial. Being on your guard is good and so is being respectful. But don't worry about being terrorised, mm? But.. you wanted to know what the cards have in store for you, yes?"

With that he leapt down out of the tree and landed neatly, smiling up at her as he settled in the grass and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a wrapped little bundle that he opened up, spreading the fabric out over the grass in front of him. "So let's see, let's see.." he mused half to himself as he began shuffling the deck with all the skill of a professional dealer. "What do the fates have in store.."

He started pulling cards from the top of the well-shuffled deck, laying them out in front of him. Each time he drew a card he looked at it and set it down seemingly at random, building a triangular shape in time. Making quiet, thoughtful sounds he looked over the spread.

"I can see that you are both excited but nervous about being here. What is important is not to let anxious thoughts plague you and keep you up at night. Particularly those related to.. your grandmother.." His finger tapped at one of the cards. "They are said with love but you are the Fool.." Hisashi grinned and waved a hand.

"That's not a bad thing. It simply means you are at the beginning of a journey. And that involves stepping off a ledge, so to speak, and finding your own path. Mm mm.. but you must take care in how you walk this path because your choices will determine how the wheel spins for you. Whether it will land in your favour and bring you good fortune and prosperity or if it will turn over and bring nothing but trouble.." He nodded, his expression serious as the continued to ready.

"This will be an important time for you. Enjoy yourself, but mind your way. You want things to turn out well, I assume.." He picked up one card to hold it up. On it was a picture of a tall tower that was being struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. The top had exploded into ruin and people were falling from the destroyed tower.

"When the major change comes, your choices will truly determine if this major change will be for the good or not. I hope you're ready.."
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Hisashi remained perfectly calm; he was experienced and this was not the first time someone had questioned him.

"Yes, exactly that. Our lives work in shades of grey, you know? Duality is inherent in all things. Acknowledge your Grandmother's wisdom but don't let it consume your thoughts. Remain open-minded and perhaps your fears will disappear, in time. Caution is good -- in moderation. This experience is important to your overall growth, so you should make the most of it. Would you fear kappa if she had not told you so? Perhaps she once encountered one and it left her scarred. She wishes to protect you, but you walk your own path. You need to be open. Not everything around here is as it seems, but that does not mean it is all out to get you either. As to major changes.." He smiled. "This is Kikuryou. One never knows what will happen. Perhaps it's a major change in you and not an event. A relationship, perhaps? Is that all so bad?"
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Suguru was outside, in the shady rose garden. It was a good place to study or nap because the shade was thick and it was extremely quiet thanks to the thick rose bushes. As such the vampire was lying under a cherry tree and beautiful roses, sprawled out like a crime scene that happened to smell very pretty. The petals of the roses and fading cherry blossoms had fallen on his hair and uniform like little pink-white snowflakes.

In his hand, straw pointing to his soft, sleeping lips, was a drink box labeled "COFFEE MILK." Scattered around him on the ground like battlefield casualties were five other empty boxes of the same drink.

Techno music was blaring through his earbuds from the iPod he had in his pocket. It was way too loud to sleep to and probably too loud to put directly into your ears. His other hand was holding a Spiderman comic book to his chest.

In short, if there were a male, Japanese Snow White, with the skin white as snow and hair as black as a raven, who wore Converse sneakers and studded bracelets with his school uniform, and didn't tie his tie right, and had earrings? Midori had just found him.

Unfortunately for Suguru, though, somebody had come along and tied his shoelaces together and left a sign taped just above his head that said "KICK THE PRINCE" with an arrow pointing to him.
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Suguru rolled onto his side, catching Midori's hand in his shoelaces, pinned between his sneakers. He mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep as he pillowed his too-pretty hair on his arm. "Fff'more mins, Hhko. Zni haffagp. I love you too."
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Suguru bolted upright, so hard that his head cracked right into Midori's, filling his vision with stars. His breath was coming fast, heart pounding with alarm. He gave a yelp of pain and clutched his head. "Who's there!" He demanded, unable to see. "Whatcha doin' that for!"

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Unholy hell, it was a girl, speaking a foreign language no less. Suguru threw his hands up in an "I'm innocent" gesture.

"Oh shit oh shit ohshit! Hey, I'm sorry, I din't meanta hitcha, you okay? You hurt?" He babbled, concerned. As the spots cleared from his vision he could see a girl in front of him who looked half-Japanese half-white. With green eyes and punkish dyed hair. Super long legs with perfect thighs. And Beats.

"Wooooooow," he breathed, wide-eyed as he looked at her. "Am I still dreaming? Or is this for real?"
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"I should take you right to the nurse's office for an ice pack. I can't handle thinking that you'll have a bump on that beautiful head of yours, and it was my fault," Suguru said, tying his shoelaces the right way. He turned his music off and gathered up his bag-- but not his trash.

Suguru pointed to where the nurse's office was and gestured to her. "Come on, cutie, I'll walk you."
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"Yeah they got a rule 'bout that," Suguru said, rolling his eyes. He shouldered his bag and headed to the nurse's office. "You just hide it in her bag n' you should be okay. I got little earbuds and I run them up through my shirt. It hides the wires."

Suguru showed Midori how his iPod's earbuds came out of the collar of his shirt by his ears. "The blazer an' my hair hide em enough that the teacher can't see well. I sit back far enough and my classmates don't tell on me."

Fact was the rest of the stuff Suguru did, and wore, stood out more than earbuds, no matter how bad he tried at first to fly under the radar.

"So! Where you from?" Suguru asked. He offered Midori a little smile, the left corner of his mouth quirking up happily. "You must be new. I'd have noticed you around if you weren't."
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"If you go to the bookstore that's next to the train station, they have them. They even have cute ones like little animals," Suguru advised.

He reached out and took a lock of her hair near her ear into his fingers. "You could put your hair-- which is really pretty, by the way-- in a bun and leave this lock down? Not much color on it. Covers your ears."

At her statement of nationality he staggered. "America! Really?!" Suguru blinked at her as if he'd just fallen head over heels for her. "Oh hell," he moaned. "You have to tell me. All about it."
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His face flushed from white as a sheet to ballet-slipper pink. Did she just touch his hair. Oh hell American Woman just touched his hair.

I will never wash this hair ever again.

"Careful now, you're gonna get dizzy and hurt your head again! Station's that way, cutie." he said, stopping her spin and pointing. "You look for the biggest street with the cherry trees on it and it leads you right there."

He started walking to the nurse's office again, guiding her in the right direction.
"Yeah, that's true. Dyeing your hair is like weird here. It's cause they like everybody lookin' the same. They don't letcha do it in high school or if you workin' a normal kinda job, right. If you work in like, fashion or beauty or music or something, it's okay." Suguru thought Midori looked like she could have a future in any of those, actually.

"They act like it's sooooo bad to have color hair or dress different. Which is why you see those girls on the news in the big city dressing all super-fluffy cosplay on weekends with pink hair wigs and giant bat wings and stuff. Those poor young women gotta let off steam." Suguru sighed. The plight of the twenty-something girl who just wanted to be a MoeMoe Maid Princess was dear to his heart. So tragic.

"People should just not care so much about little things like that! I mean really. If I go to the store to buy juice," Suguru hypothesized, "I am not gonna care if the person has their natural hair color or not? Or walk out cuz they got a tattoo or a nose ring? Nah, I'm gonna pay for that juice and GO. Ridiculous."

"I like your hair," Suguru grinned. "Don't change it cuz of Ono. It looks good on you. It looks like flames... feisty. And you're tall and fit and beautiful, you gonna get stares no matter if your hair was black or rainbow. They're starin' 'cuz you got something unique about you that they don't."

He shot her a crooked, mischievous smile, eyes twinkling. "Be honest. I bet you got plenty of stares at home too. Didn't ya."
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"Ono's the Vice Principal. Our principal is super nice and chill." The principal actually knew that Suguru was a vampire and was helping him keep it a secret. "But Ono thinks she's in charge. She makes all these crazy rules and punishments, and she goes around being rude and grouchy all the time."

Suguru stuffed his hands in his pockets and squared his shoulders, trying to look all big and tough and extra cool. "But I ain't scared of her! They don't use physical punishment in school no more. What's she gonna do to me? Pffft. All I gotta do is donate some of my family's money to the school and chat with the principal and everything's cool again."

Suguru listened with great interest. "Z'at really how it is in America?" He asked in surprise. "I didn't know that. I imagined it was all perfect there and everybody is free to kind of do whatever they want."

He bent forward in excitement, hushed in awe. "Hey, hey. Have you ever been to the Statue of Library? Or have you met Stan Lee? Or Snoop Dogg?"