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Sales Goals to Meet [OPEN, tag Tsubaki]

Back from the trip and with a festival to fund and put together, Nao was hard at work. Social media was the way to go! All she needed was a camera phone-- check-- and a few artistic a looking photos to put on Instapic and FriendChat and FaceSnap and those kinds of things! What was easier than that?

So that was why there was a short little kimono-clad miko wandering around the courtyard of the shrine, snapping photos with her cheap-o flip phone. Currently she was standing in front of the shrine's tiny shop, trying to get the perfect shot of the merchandise: lucky charms, talismans, prayer and pilgrimage books, items to keep away evil or bring in good, holy arrows and prayer boards. There were also some other odd things that didn't quite belong: bookmarks, beaded bracelets, homemade cupcakes, a few baskets of blueberries. A handwritten sign on the side of the booth window advertised bottles of water and rice balls.

Well, you had to branch out in business sometimes. Nao needed to see what kinds of things people actually wanted, so this was a test. She hoped customers would stop by!
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Tsubaki's weekend had come at the end of another long week. Surely, she'd made the decision to come to Kikuryou on her own. And surely, she was reaping the dessicated fruits of that labor. It was strange and unpleasant to feel so separated from the rest of her fellow students.

Her goal hadn't really been met yet, either, though she supposed the tall foreign boy counted as half a friend.

But she wasn't here to get a friend-making charm from the shrine. It had become popular lately to have a charm for midterm exams, she'd noticed. Perhaps with this, she too could gain at least one whole friend. Barring that, of course, she'd at least have a little supernatural help from the gods for her already passing grades.

Tsubaki stopped short of the shrine gate and looked up at it. There was a strange sense of deja vu here, but she couldn't place why. Perhaps once a person had been to one shrine, they'd really experienced all of them. Tossing her long hair off her shoulders, she hurried up the steps to the courtyard and observed the miko taking pictures.

"...Pardon me."
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"I see, I'm sorry, I'm not very good at those." Tsubaki furrowed her brow slightly. A breath brought back the memory of soap that had never once been introduced to her maidenly body, for the dryness it would undoubtedly cause.

At least she hadn't said it aloud. Perhaps she was improving. "I was looking for a charm, though."
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Tsubaki carefully read each charm, then looked up at Nao. "...I was looking for an academic charm. It does not appear that you have them, unfortunately." She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and looked up at Nao.

"I am sorry for wasting you time, miko-san."
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She was going to make the charm? Well, that was...

charming wasn't it?

Tsubaki inwardly groaned at her pun (though saved it for later when she returned to the Kiku dorm and shared it with her few online acquaintances), and listened to Kasuga-san. "I just want to be able to keep my spot in the first year class, Kasuga-san. Ah... Otherwise, my academic situation is just fine."
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"I am," Tsubaki confirmed and nodded her head slightly. It took her a while to think of a subject she was poor at. Academics were easy, socialization was difficult. Ah, but she could do to work more on her English.

"English," she said, finally, looking up at Nao. "That's where I struggle the most, I think."
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"Sunakawa Tsubaki," she answered obediently, though the girl could feel something pulling on her. She hated that she sounded so obedient. If someone wanted something, it was more like as not she'd agree, so it was important to remain as cool as a cucumber, according to her mother. "And I am enjoying it. It is... a place I am glad I chose."
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"It is a little strange," she agreed after a moment, watching Nao work. "But still, ultimately much better than any choice my parents might have made." Because it was hers.

One moment of rebellion and she had nearly attained real freedom! (If one did not count her abiding by their wish to stay in the all-girls dormitory.) "Senpai, which school was it?"
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Tsubaki tilted her head. So that was something to think about when making friends too, was it? They were probably not going to visit. She nearly opened her mouth to say so, but something told her not to. She didn't want to walk out of here with a curse and not a charm.

"Ah, they were talking about some very elite school overseas, and several here in Japan. I am not interested."
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"Because it was something I chose." Tsubaki squared her shoulders. It was nothing to be ashamed of. "And because of the strength of my conviction, they relented."

At least, she hoped that was the case and not her parents planning to allow her this year away and then force her off to France or something equally as ridiculous. No, she would not have it. "But I liked the way the school looked and felt. Even if everyone is a bit strange here."
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She wasn't really seeing that, was she? No. Of course not, it was simply the afternoon light setting a bit of firment through the hairs on the back of Kasuga-senpai's hand.

Of course it was.

"That is very pretty."
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"Oh, ah, I just meant that your handwriting is nice..." Tsubaki trailed off awkwardly. It was just the afternoon light! The light! The-- wait.

One could not see the setting sun because of where the windows in the shop were placed. So where had that light come from? It was spooky! Spooky! "Yes, your handwriting is very nice."
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"No, I just thought the light reflecting off your hand was very pretty." Something tugged at her thought, as though her very blood knew there was something else but couldn't put it to name. "I would rather not embarrass you by pointing it out." Also, she half suspected if she'd reacted badly, something would reach into the shop and eat her whole. A small shiver ran down her spine.

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Tsubaki inclined her head gently as she took the charm from Nao. "Thank you, very much."

She perked up considerably at the mention of food. She was a young girl who liked to eat. Anyway, none of the weight one might have suspected to hang off the little thing hadn't yet stuck. Archery and swimming and a million more busy-body activities were at play! Even if she'd rather spend more time in her room. "Lemon raspberry!" It wouldn't spoil her dinner!

Tsubaki's finger flicked the bell and she felt a little surge of contentment surge up into her chest. "I was going to visit town and see if they had a bakery, anyway. This is perfect."