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What Do You Mean You Have No AirCon?[Tom]

For a while, Tsubaki was... perhaps not relieved that the school trip was over, and now everything was back to what it was, but at least thankful that normalcy had been restored to her fellow students. It made being class rep - an ultimately thankless position, if one did not count the pin on her lapel and the free lunches, though the extra amenities like an open room in Sumire dorm (declined as her parents preferred her to be with only other girls, and Sumire Dorm was co-ed), and the free uniforms made the thankless work of corralling her fellow students and trying to keep her grades up at least worth a little something.

She wondered if this was a "carrot-and-stick" situation.

Today she had decided to look up her fellow Class Representative and a few gentle inquiries had led her to the music room. She played instruments (a summer of lessons to please her parents had given her some skill at piano), but had never actually made it up that far. And he was playing. It was nice, but a bit strange and sometimes the way he played made chills go up her spine, and vibrato race across her scalp.

Not terrible, no. But strange. Tsubaki waited for a few more minutes before she pushed the door open. "Marsh-san?"
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After the oddness of the trip, Tom was almost glad to be back at the Academy. He still wasn't sure what to think of his, ah, encounter with Suguru, and he was also glad that he didn't have to meet the older boys often at all. That would just be ten kinds of awkward.

For now, he relaxed in the music room, quietly playing his violin and losing himself in the music. Granted, what he played would never be found on any sheet music, but that was all right. He wasn't playing for anyone else, just for himself, to soothe his jangled nerves and forget himself for a little while. This was music that came from the depths of his being, and while it made him shiver, sometimes, it was better than trying to ignore it all.

He stopped the instant that he heard the door open, though, and felt intensely embarrassed to have been overheard. Ah well, nothing for it. Seeing his fellow class representative at the door, he offered a small smile. Speaking of awkward situations from the trip. "Hello, Tsubaki-san."
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Well that was... direct. Huh. Tom blinked at the question and at the list- it was the first time he was ever a to-do item- and shrugged. "Himawari Dorm. Why do you ask?"

After a pause, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped at his forehead. It really was hot in the music room, and he should probably open the windows and all that, but... no, not when there was a risk of being overheard. Besides, it was still cooler than his dorm room.
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"It's not that bad..." It was pretty bad, Tom would admit that. Old, undeniably haunted, and otherwise pretty miserable. But condemned? He wouldn't go that far, not compared to some of the places he knew.

That said, when Tsubaki asked her question Tom laughed. "Ah, now you're just having fun at my expense. I couldn't possibly afford a room in Sumire dorm. Anyway, was there anything else that you wanted?"
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"Um... honestly, I should have stopped you at the start of the list. Free meals? Free uniforms? That's not..." Tom frowned. Ms. Ren did tend to go a little fast with her explanations, but it was just as likely that Tom had to free up a hand for a mystery, and just let the Japanese wash over him without it registering a bit. Regardless, it seemed like Tsubaki wasn't lying or poking fun at him, so this might be quite the enormous change for him.

Tom was silent for a few moments, then asked, "How do I... even claim things like that? That's not how school worked in America."
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"Oh, is she? I suppose that would make sense, it is her name, after all..." And he'd have to speak with Nurse Sumire about it, too. She should be able to arrange everything, and maybe being in the same dorm would make arranging some practice with her easier, too. Perhaps.

For now, though, he shook his head. "No, no, it's in my bag, I just don't wear it all that often. And wait-"

So pushy! He called out, "Wait a second, I need to put my violin away!" Which he quickly did, blushing a little as he scrambled after her. At least Tsubaki wasn't timid about these things...?
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"Well, I didn't know up until now, so..." Maybe if he had worn the pin he would have gotten free food and that would have clued him in about what was going on, but there was no use complaining about it now. The important thing was that he'd be dealing with it now, so. He followed behind Tsubaki, his long stride helping him to keep up.

But that last question made him stop short. He also turned a bright shade of red. "Not at all, we eat as much or as little as Japanese people! A-and for me, it's just that I'm tall for my age and I'm still growing!"

Great, now he'd have calorie consumption to add to his list of personal hang-ups. At least he had a good metabolism, but still. Was every student looking at him and seeing a glutton? How mortifying...
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"Yes, well... as long as it's clear that it's because of nutrients and metabolism." Not because he was a super-sized fat American or something equally ludicrous. Even still, he knew he'd be unable to eat normally at the cafeteria for a little bit.

"Ah, that'd be just my luck! Come on, let's hurry!" Imagine if he had to chase down Sumire all the way back to the dorm! Then he'd have to run all the way back to get his things! So he picked up his pace, and he could only hope that the nurse was still in the infirmary. Or wherever she might be at this hour...
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Tom offered a sheepish smile when Nurse Sumire greeted him, stepping in and letting Tsubaki come in after him. "Ah, no, we're not injured. It's just that Tsubaki told me that, being a class representative, I had access to some things I wasn't aware of, like having a room at the Sumire dorm. She suggested that I check with you about that, so here I am."
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"Ah hah, well, she might have explained it properly, but I can't say that I understood it if she did," Tom offered. He paid close attention to everything else Nurse Sumire said, still a little shocked at what he'd been missing out on. Free meals. Free uniforms. A free dorm room. He could almost certainly succeed well on next semester's exam, and if it was the difference between getting all these things and not, he'd make it a top priority.

All of which made him give a broader, more relieved smile than either of them had seen before. "I'm ready right now! Please excuse me, Nurse Sumire!" And with that, he darted out of the room, clearly planning on getting things moving just as quickly as he could.
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"Oh, I don't think it would take much time at all. A lot of what I have is either already packed or easily packable, and I keep it all clean. And, ah, well..." A sheepish shrug. "It's not like I had a lot of things in the first place. Someone who's worrying about meals isn't likely to have a lot of things, don't you think?"
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Of course it hadn't crossed Tsubaki's mind. One thing that he'd learned rapidly was that Tsubaki's world was a lot different from his own, and that there was a lot that they didn't share in common simply because of that stark difference. Now was one of those times he felt it more keenly.

That said, when she made that offer, he paused and looked at her. "You would? I'd like that, but... are you sure?"

He didn't outright say that he wasn't sure if that'd be tripping any of the rules of social decorum, but that was his biggest concern. Besides, he'd feel bad for having someone else inconvenienced because of his mistake.