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Rose Garden Romance (see also: Tales of a Poor, Misled, Gullible Kitten) [Tag Tsubaki]

 "Meet me in the Rose Garden at lunch time!"

Hisashi had been nothing short of puzzled when the strangely familiar girl had approached him in the hallway before class and said what she had. Why was she familiar? He'd taken so long trying to figure that out that he didn't get a chance to ask the all-important question of why before she'd scurried off to her class before she'd be late. Leaving behind one very confused cat.

"Oh, ho, ho! Tatsuno-kuuun's got a daaaate~!" At the voice Hisashi turned around to see one of the students who had been loitering nearby grinning at him. In fact, he noticed a few students were looking in his direction with varying amounts of amusement.

"Da-... what now? What are you talking about?" It was just an invitation, right? From someone he obviously had met once during the class trip. Surely nothing more..? But now those people were moving in closer until he bristled a little at being suddenly penned in.

"Well you know what this is all about right?"

"Ah.. n-.. yes? I mean.. she probably wants to talk..?"

Hisashi had to take care to mind his shadow as otherwise his tails probably would've been lashing in irritation at not knowing what everyone else seemed to know. Suddenly he felt an arm drape over his shoulders and he looked up to see one of his classmates, ready to lead him into their classroom but apparently with an intention to enlighten him along the way..


A very different Hisashi awaited the visit in the Rose Garden. Gone was his confusion and in its place an almost unbearable sort of confidence. Of course she was going to confess! He was a catch in his own form and certainly no different in this one. Better still, he'd recalled how he knew her. So she was a nice girl! He could really give that a chance. Learn some new and different human habits. Win-win all around.

Hisashi sat in plain sight on one of the benches and waited, looking very neat and-.. had he even combed his hair since that conversation? It sure seemed like it. He was always clean and well-groomed, after all, no matter the form. For the moment he had a smirk on his face and his arms folded as he leaned back on the bench, eyes closed in thought as he considered what he might say to her. 
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Food, to Tsubaki, was the best way to apologize. It trumped the actual words 'I'm sorry' because who could be mad when good food was around. And she'd made certain to dig through Sumire Dorm's kitchens (not the kitchens she was assigned in Kiku Dorm) for the proper ingredients for someone of her class.

Several types of sashimi (including fatty tuna!), cute ham sandwiches shaped like sheep, pickled daikon cut into flowers, black rice onigiri stuffed with salmon, carrots cut into stars, two small containers of hot miso soup, salad with a thick ginger dressing, and desserts for when they cleared all of that.

Tsubaki had expected him to look a little bewildered, so the confidence was not lost on her when she stepped into the little square and adjusted her hold on the box. "Tatsuno-san."
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Let her start? What did that even mean? Of course she had to start: she had the lunch box, and it would be appropriate to apologize before they ate. "Ah... yes, of course."

She put down the lunch box on the bench and Tsubaki gave a perfect bow. "I'm very sorry for what happened in the girls' baths, during the trip. I just couldn't think of a way to make you leave faster before Kasuga-senpai found out that you weren't a girl."

A pause, "So I've decided that I will share my lunch with you for the next month to make it up to you."
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"I thought it would be. I've seen what you eat during lunch. It's honestly a bit of a ruin." Tsubaki paused as she lifted the lid of the box to reveal the first set of sushi.

"You didn't think that I had something else in mind, did you?"
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"...Nn." Tsubaki nodded, looking a little perplexed as she broke down each of the box's four layers. Each layer was stuffed full with bright, colorful food, and she offered him a pair of highest-quality chopsticks. The cheap ones, like so many other things, seemed to hurt her lips. Eating out at lesser establishments were a pain. Literally.

"I wasn't sure what you liked, so I brought a bit of everything for us." It was her lunch too, after all. "Please enjoy."
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Tsubaki had herself a bit of ebi sushi and eyed him curiously. Maybe this was the difference between common people, and people like her? Maybe the slick wood didn't feel right in their hands. She would have to consult the internet when she got back to Kiku Dorm, that was for sure.

"...Is it good?" she ventured as he looked like perhaps he was either euphoric or in agony. This would be the lynchpin of her plan; if he didn't like the food, then she would have to find another tactic to get him to forgive her of her transgressions. But the internet had assured her that the best way was through the stomach (be glad she didn't take that literally, Hiasahi...).
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"I told you; it's to make up for my behavior during the trip. But yes, this is how I eat regularly. It's not... strange. People eat like this all the time." At least, everyone in her family did. She picked up a bit of sushi, shaped playfully like a carp, with it thin skin of translucent something creating the outward body.

"I would like to share it with you for a month, if that is fine?"
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"Like waxed fruits?" That's what he had meant, right? You weren't eating garbage, were you, Hisashi??

Still, she laughed a little bit, "It is not a problem, though. I... have a very great appetite, so this is normal. And I get free food from the cafeteria because I am the class rep this semester. You should have scored higher on the exam on the first day. Then you'd have good food for free, too." Of course, hers was on a different level entirely, paid for by parents that weren't there enough to care about their daughter's well-being, but wanted to be sure to show they had plenty of money to let he eat the best.

Anyway, her body was a delicate temple. It hadn't even had so much as a konbini onigiri in it.
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"It's not impossible to pass the test. If you would like, I could... help you?" Somehow, this was turning into a better bargain for him than it was for her. But Tsubaki didn't overly mind. It could have been worse, after all. He could've been a pervert.

Of course, then she'd have beaned him with the hot soup portion of the lunch box and gone about her merry way. "If you would want. I do not care one way or another, myself." After all, her spot was secure. It was easy to pass the tests when you paid attention.