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Name:Ghost*Sugar RP Season 2
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[DISCLAIMER: This is a roleplaying game which takes place at a fictional school called Kikuryou Academy. None of this has anything to do with real people or places.]
Welcome to the wonderful, wacky and slightly twisted world of Ghost*Sugar, a roleplaying game where tongue-in-cheek meets shoujo meets bad horror movie meets whatever you dream up. We're a friendly comm and looking for good, mature writers to help with making this a kickass ride. Please check out our rules and etc. below.

art is copyright Shiru, do not jack my graphics

Nestled between wooded hills deep in the countryside near Kamakura, Japan, Kikuryou Academy is a private school with a proud 111 year history-- and a major PR problem. You see, the school just happens to be built on the site of an ancient castle, and the grounds just happen to be very much cursed. The school has appeared in the tabloids more than once for paranormal activity. It seems that the dark spiritual energy that the site emanates is just the type to attract youkai, ayakashi, and other ghostly things to the spot for a recharge.

A haunted school makes for an interesting high school experience-- books fly off the shelves, mirrors break, the gym supply closet walls are bleeding every now and then-- but it sure makes trouble for the school board and shareholders when trying to attract new donations. Aging headmaster Principal Narimatsu isn't helping much either, with his tendency to overlook certain things in a prospective student's background check that would turn the PTA's hair white. Some students admitted of late have definitely raised eyebrows among the Old Money set. Among them, students who were dismissed from previous schools for "private reasons," foreign exchange students who don't seem completely human, fanatics and other... unusual people attracted to the school because of the rumors of paranormal activity.

The students--well, most of them, anyway-- have accepted the fact that unusual things happen on campus. The rumor mill at Kikuryou is alive and well with the day-to-day occurrences and sightings. Some teachers are believers too-- a few have taken to forming unauthorized clubs and after-school lessons to educate the students about the supernatural.

Kikuryou Academy offers dormitories for boarding students and meals in the cafeteria. There is a top-class sports program and a wide array of clubs and after-school activities for students to choose from. The school board would like you to know that "an education at Kikuryou is designed to prepare students for college entrance exams in the basic five school subjects: math, science, Japanese literature, English, and social studies. Students also partake in sports, traditional arts, and humanities classes as well as participate in school events and outings. Teamwork and group cooperation, respect for one's superiors, and good citizenship are strictly emphasized in all areas of school life." The school year follows the traditional Japanese calendar. To read more about our school life and events at Kikuryou Academy, click below.
Teachers looking for open positions and students interested in applying for admissions to Kikuryou Academy should first read the [School Rules] then [Apply for Admissions].
[Students and Staff] [Our Campus] [Sports Teams and Clubs] [Uniforms] [School Calendar] [Sign The Ghostbook] [The Supply Closet] [E-mail the Mods]
Ghost*Sugar is modded by: Shiru [shiruru], Rini [ainasiriel], and Oliver [runawayballista]. Please feel free to contact us with any problems, questions, critiques, reactions, be they positive or negative. And have a lollipop.
About our mascot: Our mascot ghostie up there is Sugar-chan. Cheap CG is by Shiru. Do you like her? She is 513 years old and a Gemini. She enjoys moonlit nights, throwing books at first years, and stealing snacks from the school cafeteria.
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