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The mournful strains of violin music drifted across the grounds of Kikuryou Academy. It was night time, the new moon casting everything into darkness, and the lack of wind made it feel like the Academy itself was holding its breath.

As Tom Marsh walked along, playing his violin, his face was completely expressionless. It seemed almost like the music was playing him, rather than the other way around. Perhaps it was. For this was no normal symphony, but rather, a prelude. Around him drifted a cloud of beautiful red moths, glowing around him like a swarm of embers, drifting like fallen leaves. They followed that tune like they would a flame, guided by it like a funeral march to the student dormitories.

Not that they would remain in their close orbit for long. As soon as they detected any human life, clumps of them broke off to swarm the unfortunate soul. To breathe in the poison in their wings was to feel one’s heart pound in fear. To be touched by them was to find the worst nightmares in the victim’s heart freed and brought to the surface. They fed on such horrors, and they wouldn’t stop their torment so long as they lived. Nowhere would be safe, not once they’d caught the scent of a victim.

Yet, for all of that danger, for as much as Tom seemed to be in control… there was another. A shadow to his presence, a silence to his music. A predator in the night that watched the assault with cold, cruel amusement. And most importantly, one who waited for those who might try to stop Tom, for he wouldn’t see his game stopped, not when this was only the opening move…

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((OOC: Shortly before the school trip.))

Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro’s volleyball bounced between her wrists and into the air, over and over. The last game could have gone better, and while the Kikuryou Yurei had managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat (securing their place in the playoffs!) Kokoro couldn’t help but feel like she could have done much better. Her spikes only got them so far, and her passes were generally agreed to be her weak point.

Of course, it was hard to bump a ball she couldn’t pass to anyone. The tallest girl both on the team and (she feared) within the entire school, was dressed in her practice uniform, pink hair darker with sweat at her temples. The weird thing that had attacked them in the locker room at the opening day seemed to have squiggled off somewhere, leaving it free and clear for the girls’ sports teams to use.

Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro let her hands drop and caught the ball. "I need to get this together. Come on, me."
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You are given this letter upon arrival at the destination:
  Dearest Students and Staff!

The plane ride was exciting and the train has brought everybody to Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu! The weather is looking rainy so I bought everybody a cute personalized rain poncho and put one in each of your dufflebags: you get a kittycat princess, ducky, or a black piggie!

During work times, students and teachers will wear the school P.E. track suits. During other times, students must be in uniform. Principal Narimatsu sure hopes you didn't bring any prohibited items in your luggage. Behave nicely and thank the people you work with. Let’s enjoy friendship and teamwork in the warm and toasty South, mes amies!!! Yahoo!


Principal Narimatsu
-pyon!!!! \(^o^)/

[ooc: Each kid can choose to do something different each day, or choose the same thing all week if they want. They are paired with a classmate when they show up to the job site.]
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It's April 6th, 2009. The cherry trees are blooming and the stairwell walls are bleeding! Welcome back to the new school year after the 3 week break.

Attendance and staff numbers are down, but Principal Narimatsu and Vice Principal Ono are not slacking off and neither should you. Vacation is over! Get in the gates on time and get to your homeroom! (And shine those shoes!)

New students will be given a tour by volunteers. All students and staff will be served a fancy picnic lunch of tea, finger sandwiches, and canapes in the courtyard at lunchtime today.

Be careful, the ghosts are very rowdy today!

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The Kikuryou gymnasium smelled of wax, and echoed the squeak of volleyball shoes shrilly. Like other members of the volleyball team, Kokoro took her practicing seriously, investing a huge amount of her free time into her sport of choice. That was why she was here this afternoon, dressed in her practice uniform with her hair tied back and her face grim. She'd promised the others that she would clean up if she just got a little extra time, but the team manager stayed with her anyway.

Kokoro knew she'd spent too much time worrying about blood-sucking idiots or the weird occurrences in the school. She had been slipping in practice, and it made her so mad to have let her team down. But that wasn't going to happen today. She was Amamiya Kokoro, after all. Amamiya never surrendered.

Kiku set up the attack on one side of the net cleanly, and Kokoro jumped. The spike was her favorite attack, a nearly guaranteed 'kill' every time she used it. It felt like heaven, those few seconds of pulling away from the Earth's gravity to hang suspended in the air long enough to deliver hell upon her opponents. Off-speed, standing, or hard-driven, Kokoro knew them all, and had learned to keep herself from being a flounder when coming down.

"I think you're getting better, Amamiya," Kiku gasped and wiped the sweat from her brow. "We can use those long arms of yours, and I bet you'll have Osamu's spike score beat by the end of the year."

"You think so?" Kokoro asked uncertainly and pushed her ponytail off her shoulder. "That would be great!" She jumped up and down excitedly, her smile infectious. Kiku nodded.

"Yeah. Hey, listen, I'm glad you're back to normal, Amamiya, we were beginning to worry about you," Kiku spun a volleyball on her fingertip.

"I'm sorry I made you worry, Manager," Kokoro bowed, feeling her ears redden. "I'll clean up, like I said. So, why don't you head home? You've worked hard today." Kiku grinned and tossed the ball into the cart.

"Okay. Just don't stick around too long, I heard there's a ghost in the gym at night," Kiku warned good-naturedly. "See you later, Amamiya."

"Have a good day, Manager." Once Kiku had left, Kokoro picked up another ball and tossed it in the air, bumping it back up when it fell. "One, two, three, four, five, six, se-seven, eight..." Practice made perfect, after all.
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Kokoro felt somewhat bad about how she and Sol had parted, but only somewhat. While the girl regularly did her best to act her nicest with everyone, she had trouble with Sol. Sol, however nice she was, fraternized with the enemy, and Kokoro couldn't forgive her for that. Not after what she'd started to remember. Not after what she knew, besides, the journal entry had annoyed her - sure, paint Kokoro like the wolf, while Sol in sheep's clothing cried about how meeeeeaaaaaaaaaan Kokoro had been. Hmph!

What if Sol was just like Suguru, and was checking up on his handiwork? Or worse, making sure Kokoro wouldn't be a threat to his secret? It was hard to think easy and carefree schoolgirl thoughts when one had to worry about being attacked in the night (or day, it didn't seem like Suguru was that picky). So, after watching three Studio Ghibli movies, a drama she promised Sachi she'd look into, and three bars of Lotte chocolate, Kokoro found herself at Ulf's door.

She was just here for a quick hug, she told herself firmly. She wasn't going to say anything weird and make Ulf be even more suspicious of her recent change in behavior. Kokoro rapped on the door a few times and stood stiffly. "Ulf-kun? Are you in?"
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With Sports Day over, Kokoro's parents returned home. Her mother went back to Tokyo, and her father off to some other country. Was it India, this time? Or was it Tibet? Maybe it was Iran, Kokoro couldn't really remember.

She'd at least got lots of photos of them while they were with her, and that was important. At least until she got to see her mother during summer vacation. Kokoro sighed and laid back across the bench in the gardens outside the dormitory on a balmy Sunday afternoon. It was nice to have the constant miin-miin-miin of the cicadas in her ears, and she flipped idly through the pictures on her memory card. Kokoro's pink hair was pulled into a curly, flippy ponytail that coiled itself in the middle of her back, her bangs were pulled away from her face with some quickly chosen beaded bobbypins. Kokoro was dressed for the season, anyway, her khaki shorts were fashionably short. The dark navy t-shirt was thin enough to show the hint of a white tanktop beneath it. Her wrists were decorated with chunky bracelets, her heeled sandals were neatly arranged beside the bench.

She needed something to do, someone to bother, and for once she didn't feel like taking her aggression out on her volleyball. Kokoro looked up from the bench and at the expansive blue sky. Kokoro lifted the camera to her eye and focused on the weathervane at the top of the dormitories.

Maybe she'd go looking for ghosts.
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The sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky and Sports Day 2008 is upon us! Chairs are set up on the wide expanse of hard-packed dirt grounds for the students, neatly arranged by team and class. Spectators are crowded around, many in chairs, the more casual ones on picnic blankets. The place is packed and sporty rock music is blaring from the loudspeakers.

Students are marching in to the grounds, dressed in neat, clean P.E. clothes with long team-color headbands tied on. Teachers are walking besides their classes, wearing their school tracksuits and t-shirts, as well as optional hats and sunglasses.

The Red Team's giant flaming tiger mascot poster is hanging in the west, and the Blue Team's huge blue dragon poster is splashing in the ocean to the east. Rivalry between the two teams has been fierce in the last week and the energy is very high. It's going to be a battle to remember!

[This is our first event-style thread. If you would like to write, summarize, or rp out what your character is doing it's entirely optional-- please tag the appropriate event. Don't use our usual style of replying to the original post, but please use the normal LJ style of replying to the person above you. SHORT tags are best here. Characters may compete in up to 3 optional events.]
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No leather seat. No bed to lay back on. No slippers, no bathrobe, no champagne, no personal TV screen and game system. Not even an on-board masseuse!

No one, not a soul, had told Suguru that the seven hour flight to Hawaii for the school trip was.... IN COACH.

Suguru hadn't traveled often but the few times he had, it had been in style. But this? No way. The seat was the smallest little thing he'd been in in ages. It didn't lean all the way back. He leaned it back as far as he could, and the person behind him hmphed and kicked his seat. So he had to sit up. He didn't have his own TV, he would have to look at a screen that was pretty far away and over everyone's heads. There was nothing good to read. The music channels you could get by plugging your earphones into the chair's armrest were all super lame. Jazz, rock, pop/rock, showtunes, big band, soft jazz, jazz fusion, classical, soft rock, Michael Bolton? Who devoted an entire airplane radio station to Michael Bolton!?

Suguru sat back and sighed, watching the rest of his fellow 2nd years file into the plane and find their seats. He had an eye mask, some aromatherapy spray, and all of his games and manga and things. At least he had a window (which he had firmly shut against the daylight). Hopefully no one would take the seat next to him and he could put the armrest up and kind of lay across the two seats in his row.
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Of course Kei had an agenda for inviting Kokoro over to her place (well, her dad's karaoke place, anyway) on this particular Sunday. She wasn't much for "hanging out" with "friends" but Kokoro seemed pleased (if not shocked) that she had gotten an invitation from the infamous Student Council President to "hang out" at the karaoke bar. Usually it didn't open until 4:00, so no one, except for her ever loving dad and some of his friends and workers were around.

This was perfect.

The student council was always busy. They were responsible for making sure every event at the school ran smoothly, mostly without the teachers' help. Every club was entitled to fund raising events for trips (since the school didn't want to pay a dime) and more often than not, the council was overrun with requests to use school grounds for bake sales, car washes, and what have you. During the summer, the need for workers to move things, pick up things, and help out was especially great because of the warm weather. No one wanted to work in the heat though and what Kei needed was some cheap labor.

And that was where Kokoro and her volleyball team came in.

It would be weird for Kokoro to see her casual but she hoped she would be able to get her point and her  )
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[Two Days after Hiding Out]

Kokoro came into her dorm room shaky and tired after volleyball practice. Mostly, she'd just helped the team manager clean up the clubroom and called out advice to the first years, but it still felt like she'd run a marathon. Stupid sudden anemia, stupid body. Matsuzaki had moved from the seat beside her, too, which was a mixed blessing. She'd almost miss kicking that idiot's desk every time he fell asleep. As it was, the desk beside her was now empty, and Kokoro didn't mind that she still had Ulf-kun next to her. At least they could trade notes in peace without Matsuzaki getting his panties in a bunch.

With a sigh, she flopped face down on her bed. Dinner would be served soon in the dorm cafeteria, and she really wanted something good to eat. She would just... have to convince herself to get up first. Kokoro turned around onto her back and looked up at her poster of Hikki. She always looked so ready to be energetic! Why couldn't Kokoro have that same energy? Kokoro groaned and threw a hand over her face. "Where's Ulf-kun, already, jeez. I bet he got caught up on some girl. Dummy," she muttered to herself and sat up.

Her cellphone hung off her bag, and she snatched it up, laying on her back to text. A new message caught her attention from her mother.

Call me immediately, Koro-chan. Kokoro deleted it. Nurse Murakami probably messaged her to let her know about her anemic state. When she tried to remember how she'd gotten to the tea garden, it was one big, violent blank spot. Her skin would get goosebumps and her pulse would race. Whatever happened, it hadn't been good.

But what had happened? Kokoro looked at her phone and sighed again, before tapping out a new message.

Ulf-kun, where are youuuuu~? \(o.o\) She hit the send button with her thumb and stared up at her ceiling.
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She knew it was going to be a bad day when Yuuichi was hiding in the corner and weeping. Things never went well if the day started out like that.

Ayumi got there earlier than most teachers, Sakai-sensei insisted upon it, but she got there too late to see how or why he had died. Shin had warily pointed in the direction of his corpse and she reported it after staring at the corpse and regaining her composure.

It...was going to be a long, long day.

Ayumi was usually bustling before each class, perky and eager to instill a sense of joy and enthusiasm in the students. Today, though, she lingered inside the supply closet and tried not to think back on the hulking man who had found her every action inadequate. And now was dead. She had neglected to say her name when she reported his body - and kept it that way. They'd just make her go home. So she could sit in that tiny apartment and be alone with her ghosts all day long.

No. She preferred to be here. )
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Another year, another waste of time.

Matsuzaki Suguru sighed in his head as he filed into his new classroom at Kikuryou Academy. All around him kids were greeting their friends and chattering about what they'd done during spring break, who was going out with who, and so on. Suguru found the desk with his number on it and plunked down to examine his new territory.

So this was where he'd spend the next year. Huh. It wasn't a bad spot to have a desk, in the back row. Not so near the door that he'd feel drafts, not so near the window that the sun would hit him. He could deal with this. There was a little heart carved into the lower right corner of the desk. S + K. Who were S and K, he mused. He ran his fingertip over the edges. )
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It was Aoki Chiaki's first day at Kikuryou, and so far, he wasn't sure he really liked it all that much. Of course, he hadn't liked his old school all that much, either, but at least that place hadn't had frighteningly strong rumors of having been haunted. (Except for the P.E. teacher's office, but Chiaki knew for a fact that there was absolutely nothing supernatural about that room.) He had been resolutely closing his mind, ears, and -- to the best of his ability -- his eyes since arriving here, desperately praying that there really wasn't anything strange about this place. He couldn't deny, though, the creeping whispers of feeling that had been fighting against his closed senses ever since he'd arrived.

The distant chill had occupied his mind all day. He'd done his best to stay on track with the classes, since he knew the first day in a strange place -- strange place indeed -- was important to pay attention to, but when he was in lunch, it was too easy to let his mind wander. There wasn't anyone to sit with or talk to, he knew, as he picked up his tray and headed for a relatively quiet place in the cafeteria -- he'd never been very good at making friends. Maybe he could just read to keep himself from thinking too much...