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You are given this letter upon arrival at the destination:
  Dearest Students and Staff!

The plane ride was exciting and the train has brought everybody to Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu! The weather is looking rainy so I bought everybody a cute personalized rain poncho and put one in each of your dufflebags: you get a kittycat princess, ducky, or a black piggie!

During work times, students and teachers will wear the school P.E. track suits. During other times, students must be in uniform. Principal Narimatsu sure hopes you didn't bring any prohibited items in your luggage. Behave nicely and thank the people you work with. Let’s enjoy friendship and teamwork in the warm and toasty South, mes amies!!! Yahoo!


Principal Narimatsu
-pyon!!!! \(^o^)/

[ooc: Each kid can choose to do something different each day, or choose the same thing all week if they want. They are paired with a classmate when they show up to the job site.]
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It was past four-thirty on a perfect May Friday evening, but none of the staff of Kikuryou were headed home to enjoy the weekend. In fact, they weren't enjoying anything right about now. Well... maybe one person was enjoying herself.

Ono-sensei stood at the Vice Principal's desk at the front of the room, conducting the meeting with a self-important air. She strutted back and forth, reading aloud from her clipboard, calling on teachers she wanted to make announcements.

The teachers and staff sat at their desks in long rows facing each other. The ones in the back or those who had books piled up were the lucky ones, since they were a little less visible to the Battle Axe's steely glare. Pity the teachers whose desks were front and center. They had no choice but to stay awake, sit up straight, take notes. No coffee or cookies for them.

Ono nodded as the Head Science teacher finished his report on the Recycling Committee's activities. "Now then, the school hike is coming up on May 23rd. Remember to wear proper clothing for hiking, including pants and practical footwear," Ono-sensei's eyes were staring directly at Miyuki-sensei as she said these words. "None of these silly pointed things I sometimes see worn around here. However, teachers must not appear slovenly or casual on the way to work. All staff should come to work in formal office dress and change in the staff locker rooms. No sweatpants or holes in jeans."

"Are there any comments?" Ono asked.
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From the desk of Vice Principal Ono to all instructors and staff:

May 14-16th - Spring Mid-term Exams

May 23rd - School Hike to Sugao Waterfall. We will depart promptly at 8:30. All students and teachers will be responsible for bringing a lunch and water. No candy or junk foods will be allowed.

May 29-June 1st (Thu-Sun) - 2nd Year Students - Class Trip to Hawaii. 2nd Year teachers, I expect you will have prepared your students to behave properly while on the excursion.

June 7th (Sat) - Sports Day Event. There will be an extremely important staff meeting regarding Sports Day preparations this Friday after school precisely at 4 pm. Lateness will not be tolerated (I am sure I do not need to mention any names Ito-sensei).

That is all.

--Ono Seiko
Vice Principal
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Eight o' clock sharp on Monday, and Vice Principal Ono Seiko did not look happy.

Well, okay, to be fair, she never really looked happy. But this morning she was a little grouchier than usual. It was 8:00 and many teachers were not in their desks yet, even though they were required to be at school by 8:15. Not just that, but there were messy desks in the teacher's room already and it was only the second week of school. Hadn't these morons read her memo about neatness expectations in the new term? She glared at the second-year math teacher's desk. It was simply covered with papers and files. Wasn't this teacher thinking of what kind of image this presented to anyone who came into the teacher's room?

Ono ground her teeth and marked a check minus next to the teacher's name on her inspection list. Now for the Social Studies teacher's desk. What a flake. The garbage hadn't been taken out since the day before. She frowned upon the plastic Doraemon clock on the desk. Inappropriate, she marked on her inspection sheet.

Which brought her to the desk of... ah. The vice principal narrowed her eyes at the very neat, very English figure of Samuel Kramer.

"Good morning, Mr. Kramer," she purred. Not Sensei. Never Sensei. He was foreign, and as such he could never fully understand the responsibilities and deep sense of duty the title inferred. She spoke slowly and clearly in simple Japanese to him, as if speaking to a child. "And how are we this morning." It was a pleasantry tossed out with a tone that suggested she didn't care if he answered or not.