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{ OOC:  Post dated a week before the trip }

The air felt cool and refreshing on her face as Midori walked outside with her lunch in her hand.  The first half of her first day had certainly been…different.  First she had gotten lost and then while she was trying to find her home room before being incredibly late a kappa had chased her down an endless hallway, and she was positive that’s what it had been.  Then she had come in the wrong doors.  Really separate doors for teachers and students?  Then Shibata-sensei had told her that electronics were banned and he was supposed to give them to the vice principal to throw away! She was so grateful that he had taken pity on her and told her to just hide them in her bag!  What would she had done if he had actually taken them?!  Probably something incredibly foolish that would get her in trouble.  She gasped then.  What if they still paddled students in Japan? Grandmother told her things were much stricter here than back home.  Oh she couldn’t even entertain that idea!  Isn’t the kappa running around in the halls enough of a punishment?

She found a big shady tree and plopped down, leaning against it.  Well at least it was lunch time now.  She took the rubber band out of her hair and shook her head, finger combing her black hair with the bright red streaks.  Shibata-sensei had told her there was some silly rule about dyed hair too.  She hadn’t really believed him, surely that was something Grandmother had cooked up and called him to tell her.  Still she had humored him and put her hair up. 

I wonder what Grandmother sent in my pack.  The options had to be limited she had packed it two days ago.  Midori had just gotten off the plane yesterday.  “Onigiri!”  She laughed as she opened up her lunch bag and saw.  It was her favorite food when she was little and grandmother had always made it for her first day of school.  She pulled out her bright purple headphones, surely they were allowed during lunch!  But she peeked around really quick before putting them on her head and turning on a club mix as she popped open a can of Coca-Cola.  She stared at the can smiling.  She had been surprised they had it in here in Japan.  What else had Grandmother neglected to tell her about the mother land?

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It was the last Friday before the beginning of the 2009-2010 year. The teachers had come back from three weeks' vacation for an inservice workday today, and then they were turned loose again for the last weekend before their new assignments and new classrooms.

Meaning it was time to celebrate. Night flower viewing party was go. The junior teachers deserved to have some fun, before dealing with Ono for another year.

Yuzuya was in a park not far from his apartment building, spreading out a large old quilt out over a tarp, beneath the biggest weeping cherry tree he could find. He turned on the portable lantern he'd brought, and piled up all of the blankets he'd collected for extra warmth in one corner. The spring might be arriving, but it was quite a chilly night tonight. The bags of food and party things, he placed on another side, too. Lots of supplies!

So far, it was just him. Yuzuya sat down on the blanket and took a moment to gaze up at the sky before the others arrived. The moon rose full and round above the myriads of cherry blossoms above. It looked like it was smiling down at him among the stars. This was the perfect night to do this.

[OOC: some things about Yuzu have changed since last year. Please see here for details]
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The Kikuryou gymnasium smelled of wax, and echoed the squeak of volleyball shoes shrilly. Like other members of the volleyball team, Kokoro took her practicing seriously, investing a huge amount of her free time into her sport of choice. That was why she was here this afternoon, dressed in her practice uniform with her hair tied back and her face grim. She'd promised the others that she would clean up if she just got a little extra time, but the team manager stayed with her anyway.

Kokoro knew she'd spent too much time worrying about blood-sucking idiots or the weird occurrences in the school. She had been slipping in practice, and it made her so mad to have let her team down. But that wasn't going to happen today. She was Amamiya Kokoro, after all. Amamiya never surrendered.

Kiku set up the attack on one side of the net cleanly, and Kokoro jumped. The spike was her favorite attack, a nearly guaranteed 'kill' every time she used it. It felt like heaven, those few seconds of pulling away from the Earth's gravity to hang suspended in the air long enough to deliver hell upon her opponents. Off-speed, standing, or hard-driven, Kokoro knew them all, and had learned to keep herself from being a flounder when coming down.

"I think you're getting better, Amamiya," Kiku gasped and wiped the sweat from her brow. "We can use those long arms of yours, and I bet you'll have Osamu's spike score beat by the end of the year."

"You think so?" Kokoro asked uncertainly and pushed her ponytail off her shoulder. "That would be great!" She jumped up and down excitedly, her smile infectious. Kiku nodded.

"Yeah. Hey, listen, I'm glad you're back to normal, Amamiya, we were beginning to worry about you," Kiku spun a volleyball on her fingertip.

"I'm sorry I made you worry, Manager," Kokoro bowed, feeling her ears redden. "I'll clean up, like I said. So, why don't you head home? You've worked hard today." Kiku grinned and tossed the ball into the cart.

"Okay. Just don't stick around too long, I heard there's a ghost in the gym at night," Kiku warned good-naturedly. "See you later, Amamiya."

"Have a good day, Manager." Once Kiku had left, Kokoro picked up another ball and tossed it in the air, bumping it back up when it fell. "One, two, three, four, five, six, se-seven, eight..." Practice made perfect, after all.