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The mournful strains of violin music drifted across the grounds of Kikuryou Academy. It was night time, the new moon casting everything into darkness, and the lack of wind made it feel like the Academy itself was holding its breath.

As Tom Marsh walked along, playing his violin, his face was completely expressionless. It seemed almost like the music was playing him, rather than the other way around. Perhaps it was. For this was no normal symphony, but rather, a prelude. Around him drifted a cloud of beautiful red moths, glowing around him like a swarm of embers, drifting like fallen leaves. They followed that tune like they would a flame, guided by it like a funeral march to the student dormitories.

Not that they would remain in their close orbit for long. As soon as they detected any human life, clumps of them broke off to swarm the unfortunate soul. To breathe in the poison in their wings was to feel one’s heart pound in fear. To be touched by them was to find the worst nightmares in the victim’s heart freed and brought to the surface. They fed on such horrors, and they wouldn’t stop their torment so long as they lived. Nowhere would be safe, not once they’d caught the scent of a victim.

Yet, for all of that danger, for as much as Tom seemed to be in control… there was another. A shadow to his presence, a silence to his music. A predator in the night that watched the assault with cold, cruel amusement. And most importantly, one who waited for those who might try to stop Tom, for he wouldn’t see his game stopped, not when this was only the opening move…

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{ OOC:  Post dated a week before the trip }

The air felt cool and refreshing on her face as Midori walked outside with her lunch in her hand.  The first half of her first day had certainly been…different.  First she had gotten lost and then while she was trying to find her home room before being incredibly late a kappa had chased her down an endless hallway, and she was positive that’s what it had been.  Then she had come in the wrong doors.  Really separate doors for teachers and students?  Then Shibata-sensei had told her that electronics were banned and he was supposed to give them to the vice principal to throw away! She was so grateful that he had taken pity on her and told her to just hide them in her bag!  What would she had done if he had actually taken them?!  Probably something incredibly foolish that would get her in trouble.  She gasped then.  What if they still paddled students in Japan? Grandmother told her things were much stricter here than back home.  Oh she couldn’t even entertain that idea!  Isn’t the kappa running around in the halls enough of a punishment?

She found a big shady tree and plopped down, leaning against it.  Well at least it was lunch time now.  She took the rubber band out of her hair and shook her head, finger combing her black hair with the bright red streaks.  Shibata-sensei had told her there was some silly rule about dyed hair too.  She hadn’t really believed him, surely that was something Grandmother had cooked up and called him to tell her.  Still she had humored him and put her hair up. 

I wonder what Grandmother sent in my pack.  The options had to be limited she had packed it two days ago.  Midori had just gotten off the plane yesterday.  “Onigiri!”  She laughed as she opened up her lunch bag and saw.  It was her favorite food when she was little and grandmother had always made it for her first day of school.  She pulled out her bright purple headphones, surely they were allowed during lunch!  But she peeked around really quick before putting them on her head and turning on a club mix as she popped open a can of Coca-Cola.  She stared at the can smiling.  She had been surprised they had it in here in Japan.  What else had Grandmother neglected to tell her about the mother land?

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((OOC: Shortly before the school trip.))

Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.
Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro’s volleyball bounced between her wrists and into the air, over and over. The last game could have gone better, and while the Kikuryou Yurei had managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat (securing their place in the playoffs!) Kokoro couldn’t help but feel like she could have done much better. Her spikes only got them so far, and her passes were generally agreed to be her weak point.

Of course, it was hard to bump a ball she couldn’t pass to anyone. The tallest girl both on the team and (she feared) within the entire school, was dressed in her practice uniform, pink hair darker with sweat at her temples. The weird thing that had attacked them in the locker room at the opening day seemed to have squiggled off somewhere, leaving it free and clear for the girls’ sports teams to use.

Bap. Bap. Bap.

Kokoro let her hands drop and caught the ball. "I need to get this together. Come on, me."
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You are given this letter upon arrival at the destination:
  Dearest Students and Staff!

The plane ride was exciting and the train has brought everybody to Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu! The weather is looking rainy so I bought everybody a cute personalized rain poncho and put one in each of your dufflebags: you get a kittycat princess, ducky, or a black piggie!

During work times, students and teachers will wear the school P.E. track suits. During other times, students must be in uniform. Principal Narimatsu sure hopes you didn't bring any prohibited items in your luggage. Behave nicely and thank the people you work with. Let’s enjoy friendship and teamwork in the warm and toasty South, mes amies!!! Yahoo!


Principal Narimatsu
-pyon!!!! \(^o^)/

[ooc: Each kid can choose to do something different each day, or choose the same thing all week if they want. They are paired with a classmate when they show up to the job site.]
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It's Friday and Dopple is on campus shifting into various students and staff in order to collect information. Please see the OOC event description.

How to do this: For this event, you'll be playing as Dopple shapeshifted into your character. To do this, comment with the subject line "Dopple (your character's name)" and describe what Dopple is doing and hoping to accomplish. Then other characters can comment to thread with Dopple."
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It's April 6th, 2009. The cherry trees are blooming and the stairwell walls are bleeding! Welcome back to the new school year after the 3 week break.

Attendance and staff numbers are down, but Principal Narimatsu and Vice Principal Ono are not slacking off and neither should you. Vacation is over! Get in the gates on time and get to your homeroom! (And shine those shoes!)

New students will be given a tour by volunteers. All students and staff will be served a fancy picnic lunch of tea, finger sandwiches, and canapes in the courtyard at lunchtime today.

Be careful, the ghosts are very rowdy today!

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Soledad was in heaven! She had gone into town Saturday morning to do some shopping, and had stumbled upon the most AMAZING store! It was a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of place and they sold the most beautiful silk kimono-style dresses. She spent HOURS in the store, trying on one dress after another. I can’t choose! She thought to herself, I should just get them all, they are so gorgeous!

Twenty minutes later she left the store, arms loaded down with bags. She walked down the street, giddily humming to herself. She just couldn’t stop thinking about all the beautiful dresses she had and where she was going to wear them! Oooh, and what shoes was she going to wear with them? They were all so different! And…


She was suddenly snapped back to reality by the car horn. She hadn’t been watching where she was going and had nearly gotten herself run over! She looked around and realized she had no idea where she was, had she missed her turn while walking in her own little world? Maybe she should just turn around and backtrack...

After twenty minutes of wandering, she still had no idea where she was. She was probably even more lost than when she started! She stopped in the middle of the street and looked around to see if she could find a familiar landmark for about the millionth time. Crap, she thought to herself, my first time into town alone and I get myself hopelessly lost. If my sense of direction were any worse, I’d end up in back in Spain!

As she was scanning the horizon, she saw a large shape looming up behind the buildings ahead of her. Could it be Kikuryou? She hurried towards it, hoping that she had finally managed to find her way back. As she got closer she realized it was not in fact Kikuryou but a large mansion. Hey, she knew mansions! This was a familiar sight in an unfamiliar place, and somehow it made her feel comforted.

I’ll just go up and ask them for directions, she thought to herself.

The momentary comfort she had felt at seeing the mansion quickly turned into dread as she approached. She couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but something wasn’t right about the place. It was so dark and so…creepy… She stopped in front of the gate, and she could feel eyes following her. Her stomach clenched, and she clutched her bags close to her.

Maybe I should just go ask someone else… she thought as she turned around. She could feel those disembodied eyes boring holes into her back, and suddenly she panicked. She bolted down the street, but didn’t get very far. She tripped over her own feet about three feet away from the gate and fell on her face, her bags and newly acquired clothes flying in every direction.

Crap! She thought to herself, panicked, as she scrambled to pick up her things. Crap crap crap! I’m so gonna die here! Dios, sálvame!

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The sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky and Sports Day 2008 is upon us! Chairs are set up on the wide expanse of hard-packed dirt grounds for the students, neatly arranged by team and class. Spectators are crowded around, many in chairs, the more casual ones on picnic blankets. The place is packed and sporty rock music is blaring from the loudspeakers.

Students are marching in to the grounds, dressed in neat, clean P.E. clothes with long team-color headbands tied on. Teachers are walking besides their classes, wearing their school tracksuits and t-shirts, as well as optional hats and sunglasses.

The Red Team's giant flaming tiger mascot poster is hanging in the west, and the Blue Team's huge blue dragon poster is splashing in the ocean to the east. Rivalry between the two teams has been fierce in the last week and the energy is very high. It's going to be a battle to remember!

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It was time to get down to business. There were amends to be made, and Sunday afternoon was a-wastin'! Suguru hefted the brown-striped tabby cat and a shopping bag under each arm and marched proudly towards the dormitory. The cat yowled and tried to get away from him. "No, bad cat," Suguru grumbled. "Dammit, stop clawing me. Shoulda brought along a cardboard box to catch you in."

"MROOOOWRRR," the cat moaned, the devil in its green eyes. The beast sunk its claws into Suguru's t-shirt and ripped with all its might. Suguru cursed something awful, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and held it away from his body to avoid the sharp claws digging into his ribs. Sure, he'd heal fast, being a vampire and all, but that didn't mean that he wanted to be a pincushion.

"Bad cat, stop it," Suguru commanded. "Look, this is no way to act when you're going to meet your new owner! You're a gift, so start behaving like one, you mangy furball!"

The cat yowled something that sounded like a death threat. Suguru tried to keep the claws facing away from him all the way to Aoki Chiaki's dorm room. He didn't succeed, but he tried.

The dormitory hall was dark and deserted. What a lonely place to live, Suguru thought, looking around. At Chiaki's room (he'd know that cough drop smell anywhere), he planted his heels and knocked firmly on the door.
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No leather seat. No bed to lay back on. No slippers, no bathrobe, no champagne, no personal TV screen and game system. Not even an on-board masseuse!

No one, not a soul, had told Suguru that the seven hour flight to Hawaii for the school trip was.... IN COACH.

Suguru hadn't traveled often but the few times he had, it had been in style. But this? No way. The seat was the smallest little thing he'd been in in ages. It didn't lean all the way back. He leaned it back as far as he could, and the person behind him hmphed and kicked his seat. So he had to sit up. He didn't have his own TV, he would have to look at a screen that was pretty far away and over everyone's heads. There was nothing good to read. The music channels you could get by plugging your earphones into the chair's armrest were all super lame. Jazz, rock, pop/rock, showtunes, big band, soft jazz, jazz fusion, classical, soft rock, Michael Bolton? Who devoted an entire airplane radio station to Michael Bolton!?

Suguru sat back and sighed, watching the rest of his fellow 2nd years file into the plane and find their seats. He had an eye mask, some aromatherapy spray, and all of his games and manga and things. At least he had a window (which he had firmly shut against the daylight). Hopefully no one would take the seat next to him and he could put the armrest up and kind of lay across the two seats in his row.
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Kei liked to think that, as Student Council President, hard worker, and general contributor to her school, that she deserved better than to be sitting down in a very hot, stuffy closet of an office in front of a broken computer that refused to turn on. She had tried everything from begging, to hitting it, to praying for it to turn on. There was no way she could get any work done in an efficient manner if she did not have access to the computer. It bothered her-- irked her-- grated her last nerve to know that while she was banging on a useless computer, some other clubs had brand new equipment.

The computer almost seemed like it was mocking her.

Akiyama Kei did not like to be mocked.

Sighing in aggravation, Kei sat down in her chair and unbuttoned the first button of her school uniform. The more annoyed she got, the hotter she got. Maybe if this room wasn't like an oven, I could actually think clearly...

Hopefully, someone would take pity on the poor President and come to her aid. Usually she hated to ask for favors but when something was blocking her from doing work she would do just about anything to fix it. So now, she would have to wait.
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Miyuki wasn't actually planning on taking her cousin's advice. Not really. After all, what good would that do her? Even if she had ultimately decided it wouldn't make her look lonely and desperate to take that advice. That didn't mean she was actually going to.

So when Miyuki went to the pet shop in town that weekend, it was just to look. To see what the fuss was all about. She wasn't really going to get a dog. That was just...absurd.

Miyuki couldn't help but turn her nose up a little when she stepped into the pet shop, bell on the door ringing. The smell that affronted her oh so delicate senses had taken her by surprise a little -- that smell of wood shavings and animals and...waste. Ugh, what was she doing here?

Still, she stepped forward, her heels clacking sharply on the tiles. It was clean in here, at least, even if it was noisy -- cats mewling, dogs whining, birds cheep-cheep-cheeping...

"Welcome! May I help you find anything?"

Miyuki turned at the sound of the voice. An earnest young woman, one of the employees at the pet shop, stood before Miyuki with her hands clasped and a smile on her face. "Oh, thank you," she said, coming off as a little more standoffish than she meant to. "I'm just...looking right now."

"Let me know if you need anything!"

The young lady's words rang across the store as Miyuki nodded distantly, walking slowly through the pet store. The dogs were all in cages near the back, barking and yipping their little hearts out.
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Friday was over. And Ayumi was really very glad it was. Of course, she still had her Friday evening, but that meant doing one of the many things she loved: yoga. Sure, it wasn't the most stimulating activity and it wasn't half as challenging as a good Jiu Jitsu tournament, but it was different that most of her activities. And she could de-stress.

Plus all the flexibility it enhanced was a nice bonus.

She'd chosen one of her usual parks: Shinji Heiken. It was on the East side of town and largely unoccupied. There were a lot of trees, leaving most of the grounds as small wooded trails.

Any normal smart young woman her age wouldn't have been caught dead there at this time of night.

The sun had set two hours before and Ayumi was still going through the numerous yoga poses she'd learned over the years. It was a very nice cool down from her jiu jitsu, judo, and boxing routines. Of course, she couldn't consider them complete workouts without someone to spar with. But no one was available tonight - so shadow-spars were a fine alternative.

With arms outspread, face to the star-light sky, and her legs in the "stork" position, Ayumi's mind was clear. That security shifted to attention as she heard voices approaching her. Voices accompanied by raucous laughter. The tingle that went down her spine was not from the exhaustion of her limbs - she was sure of that. The whimpers coming from Shin were sign enough that things had just taken a turn for the worse. )
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She knew it was going to be a bad day when Yuuichi was hiding in the corner and weeping. Things never went well if the day started out like that.

Ayumi got there earlier than most teachers, Sakai-sensei insisted upon it, but she got there too late to see how or why he had died. Shin had warily pointed in the direction of his corpse and she reported it after staring at the corpse and regaining her composure.

It...was going to be a long, long day.

Ayumi was usually bustling before each class, perky and eager to instill a sense of joy and enthusiasm in the students. Today, though, she lingered inside the supply closet and tried not to think back on the hulking man who had found her every action inadequate. And now was dead. She had neglected to say her name when she reported his body - and kept it that way. They'd just make her go home. So she could sit in that tiny apartment and be alone with her ghosts all day long.

No. She preferred to be here. )
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It had to be just his imagination.

Suguru had repeated this new mantra to himself countless times during the week. He had no idea why he felt stranger than usual when he stepped through the gates of his new school in the morning, why the building seemed to echo even more than usual with the scent of things dark and arcane. But Suguru was beginning to suspect, in the pit of his hungry teenaged belly, that there was something happening. )
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It didn't take the news about his seat mate Kokoro and her boyfriend long to circulate. Suguru had overheard all the dirty details by the end of the day. That the guy (whatever his name was) had cheated on Kokoro, that it had been with some dumb bimbo with short legs and big boobs, that Kokoro had found out and her boyfriend hadn't been apologetic the way he should have been.

Suguru stewed in his seat while the girls gossiped in the back of the class. Then, "She's here!" someone hissed, and the talking ceased. Suguru glanced over to see Kokoro enter, head held high. The girls went over to console her and gently ask how she was feeling. Suguru frowned, avoided their eyes, turned on his mp3 player. He didn't think they were very good friends at all. But whatever. They weren't his friends, after all, they were hers.

He stared out the window for the rest of the morning, but that didn't shake the fleeting glance he'd gotten of Kokoro's red-rimmed eyes. (maybe not work-safe) )
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Another year, another waste of time.

Matsuzaki Suguru sighed in his head as he filed into his new classroom at Kikuryou Academy. All around him kids were greeting their friends and chattering about what they'd done during spring break, who was going out with who, and so on. Suguru found the desk with his number on it and plunked down to examine his new territory.

So this was where he'd spend the next year. Huh. It wasn't a bad spot to have a desk, in the back row. Not so near the door that he'd feel drafts, not so near the window that the sun would hit him. He could deal with this. There was a little heart carved into the lower right corner of the desk. S + K. Who were S and K, he mused. He ran his fingertip over the edges. )
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It was a rare, rare event when a teacher volunteered for this kind of duty. Yet Samuel Kramer had, much to the surprise of his fellow staff members. That was why he was stationed at the North Gate, awaiting the students on the very first day of classes, a handbook on dress guidelines cracked open in his hands. His brown coat and slacks, along with the rest of him, was absolutely immaculate; the kind of neatness that only the truly nit-picking could possibly achieve.

Of course, at the precise same time, the cherry blossoms were blooming; it was like a conjunction of dramatic factors that begged for Kramer to show up and take advantage of. Standing there, a few stray blossoms drifting past his warm eyes... at the very least, the students couldn't say that their morning had gotten off on the wrong foot? Not yet, anyway; in his coat he had a ruler to measure the length of questionable skirts, and those warm eyes were far more attentive to details than seemed likely at first glance...