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The mournful strains of violin music drifted across the grounds of Kikuryou Academy. It was night time, the new moon casting everything into darkness, and the lack of wind made it feel like the Academy itself was holding its breath.

As Tom Marsh walked along, playing his violin, his face was completely expressionless. It seemed almost like the music was playing him, rather than the other way around. Perhaps it was. For this was no normal symphony, but rather, a prelude. Around him drifted a cloud of beautiful red moths, glowing around him like a swarm of embers, drifting like fallen leaves. They followed that tune like they would a flame, guided by it like a funeral march to the student dormitories.

Not that they would remain in their close orbit for long. As soon as they detected any human life, clumps of them broke off to swarm the unfortunate soul. To breathe in the poison in their wings was to feel one’s heart pound in fear. To be touched by them was to find the worst nightmares in the victim’s heart freed and brought to the surface. They fed on such horrors, and they wouldn’t stop their torment so long as they lived. Nowhere would be safe, not once they’d caught the scent of a victim.

Yet, for all of that danger, for as much as Tom seemed to be in control… there was another. A shadow to his presence, a silence to his music. A predator in the night that watched the assault with cold, cruel amusement. And most importantly, one who waited for those who might try to stop Tom, for he wouldn’t see his game stopped, not when this was only the opening move…

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You are given this letter upon arrival at the destination:
  Dearest Students and Staff!

The plane ride was exciting and the train has brought everybody to Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu! The weather is looking rainy so I bought everybody a cute personalized rain poncho and put one in each of your dufflebags: you get a kittycat princess, ducky, or a black piggie!

During work times, students and teachers will wear the school P.E. track suits. During other times, students must be in uniform. Principal Narimatsu sure hopes you didn't bring any prohibited items in your luggage. Behave nicely and thank the people you work with. Let’s enjoy friendship and teamwork in the warm and toasty South, mes amies!!! Yahoo!


Principal Narimatsu
-pyon!!!! \(^o^)/

[ooc: Each kid can choose to do something different each day, or choose the same thing all week if they want. They are paired with a classmate when they show up to the job site.]
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It's Friday and Dopple is on campus shifting into various students and staff in order to collect information. Please see the OOC event description.

How to do this: For this event, you'll be playing as Dopple shapeshifted into your character. To do this, comment with the subject line "Dopple (your character's name)" and describe what Dopple is doing and hoping to accomplish. Then other characters can comment to thread with Dopple."
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It's April 6th, 2009. The cherry trees are blooming and the stairwell walls are bleeding! Welcome back to the new school year after the 3 week break.

Attendance and staff numbers are down, but Principal Narimatsu and Vice Principal Ono are not slacking off and neither should you. Vacation is over! Get in the gates on time and get to your homeroom! (And shine those shoes!)

New students will be given a tour by volunteers. All students and staff will be served a fancy picnic lunch of tea, finger sandwiches, and canapes in the courtyard at lunchtime today.

Be careful, the ghosts are very rowdy today!

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It was the last Friday before the beginning of the 2009-2010 year. The teachers had come back from three weeks' vacation for an inservice workday today, and then they were turned loose again for the last weekend before their new assignments and new classrooms.

Meaning it was time to celebrate. Night flower viewing party was go. The junior teachers deserved to have some fun, before dealing with Ono for another year.

Yuzuya was in a park not far from his apartment building, spreading out a large old quilt out over a tarp, beneath the biggest weeping cherry tree he could find. He turned on the portable lantern he'd brought, and piled up all of the blankets he'd collected for extra warmth in one corner. The spring might be arriving, but it was quite a chilly night tonight. The bags of food and party things, he placed on another side, too. Lots of supplies!

So far, it was just him. Yuzuya sat down on the blanket and took a moment to gaze up at the sky before the others arrived. The moon rose full and round above the myriads of cherry blossoms above. It looked like it was smiling down at him among the stars. This was the perfect night to do this.

[OOC: some things about Yuzu have changed since last year. Please see here for details]
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It was a gray day of June gloom, and Yuzuya's mood matched the sky as he walked through the school grounds. He rubbed his tired eyes with his fingertips and cleared his sore throat. He had really wanted to stay home. However, he hadn't missed or been late to a single day of work yet since becoming a teacher last year, and he desperately wanted to keep his record going as long as possible. Once he took a day off for himself, he was sure it would be easier and easier to slip into not getting out of bed anymore. Anything but that.

Today he had duty at the back gate, to greet the students as they came in and make sure they were walking safely to school. When it was his turn he always felt embarrassed standing out there. The students' eyes on him often made him feel as though he were the one being supervised and evaluated.

Yuzuya took a shortcut across the grass and through some trees, not wanting to be late. And that was when something white on the grass caught his eye. Drawing near to inspect, he could see that it was a shirt, and then that that shirt was on a body that was lying face down in the grass, limbs splayed. "Oh my god," he gasped. Alarmed, Yuzuya ran over as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Aoki-san!" he cried, recognizing the boy's black mop of hair and the thick glasses. He tried to turn the boy upwards, checked his neck with two fingers for a pulse. It was there, but the breathing was shallow. "Aoki-san, Chiaki, can you hear me?" He pried open one eyelid to see if there was eye movement, and didn't see any. "Shit," he hissed, and reached for his cell phone.
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Ren had been more than happy to set up this particular teacher get together, especially when there was going to be karaoke and drinking involved. What better place to go to than Akiyama Kei's family's establishment where her father promised a discount (Kei had nearly had an aneurysm at the word "discount" and Ren struggled not to laugh) since they taught his baby girl and gave her a good education. The karaoke rooms were more sylish than she had imagined and Ren had heard good things about the food and the flood of alcohol.

It was always kind of weird to see a student outside of school but Kei looked just as composed as she usually did. Even wearing worn looking jeans and what looked like a mens' flannel shirt and tee shirt, Kei's presence commanded one's attention. In truth, the eighteen year old kind of scared Ren. Intimidated was the word for it. Kei always looked like she had dirt on her and Ren couldn't risk any of her dirty laundry being aired for the world to see.

"Welcome, Ito-sensei. I'll be your waitress tonight," Kei's smile seemed decent enough on the outside but Ren couldn't help but look down at her own outfit self consciously. Was she showing too much cleavage? Were her jeans too tight? Too many accessories? "Please relax."

Relax. Easier said than done.

Now all Ren had to do was enjoy a beer and wait for the other teacher's to show up.

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The sun is shining brightly in a clear blue sky and Sports Day 2008 is upon us! Chairs are set up on the wide expanse of hard-packed dirt grounds for the students, neatly arranged by team and class. Spectators are crowded around, many in chairs, the more casual ones on picnic blankets. The place is packed and sporty rock music is blaring from the loudspeakers.

Students are marching in to the grounds, dressed in neat, clean P.E. clothes with long team-color headbands tied on. Teachers are walking besides their classes, wearing their school tracksuits and t-shirts, as well as optional hats and sunglasses.

The Red Team's giant flaming tiger mascot poster is hanging in the west, and the Blue Team's huge blue dragon poster is splashing in the ocean to the east. Rivalry between the two teams has been fierce in the last week and the energy is very high. It's going to be a battle to remember!

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[After Kei's lj post re: the gym clothes missing]

Yuzuya grabbed his flashlight tighter and looked around. Why wouldn't Ono just let them turn the lights in the building back on while they had to patrol? Well, it would give whoever was stealing things a heads-up that the teachers were out looking for him. Or her. Yuzuya understood that. But searching around Kikuryou Academy at night, in the dark, with a tiny plastic flashlight from the 100 Yen Shop was NOT Yuzuya's idea of something he wanted to do on a Wednesday night. Wednesday night, incidentally, was all-you-can-eat soba for 500 yen night at Miyabi-tei. He'd much rather be slurping down piles of pasta. With their awesome dipping sauce. Yum.

But instead, here he was in the library. He crept down the rows of bookcases, looking to the left and right with the cheap flashlight. As he walked past the Non-fiction A-H, shards of glass crunched underfoot. He looked down at his sneakers, then checked the wall.

"Ren," he hissed. "Ren?" )
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It was past four-thirty on a perfect May Friday evening, but none of the staff of Kikuryou were headed home to enjoy the weekend. In fact, they weren't enjoying anything right about now. Well... maybe one person was enjoying herself.

Ono-sensei stood at the Vice Principal's desk at the front of the room, conducting the meeting with a self-important air. She strutted back and forth, reading aloud from her clipboard, calling on teachers she wanted to make announcements.

The teachers and staff sat at their desks in long rows facing each other. The ones in the back or those who had books piled up were the lucky ones, since they were a little less visible to the Battle Axe's steely glare. Pity the teachers whose desks were front and center. They had no choice but to stay awake, sit up straight, take notes. No coffee or cookies for them.

Ono nodded as the Head Science teacher finished his report on the Recycling Committee's activities. "Now then, the school hike is coming up on May 23rd. Remember to wear proper clothing for hiking, including pants and practical footwear," Ono-sensei's eyes were staring directly at Miyuki-sensei as she said these words. "None of these silly pointed things I sometimes see worn around here. However, teachers must not appear slovenly or casual on the way to work. All staff should come to work in formal office dress and change in the staff locker rooms. No sweatpants or holes in jeans."

"Are there any comments?" Ono asked.
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This wasn't something that Yadoru knew how to do at all, really. He'd subsisted on cafeteria food and take-out orders for awhile now, but as his mother had clearly- 'clearly' meaning 'with characters so sharply written it was a wonder they didn't cut through the paper'- expressed her desire that he would become more independent, he couldn't keep doing that anymore. Which meant, in the end, that he would have to start getting ingredients and cook for himself.

That entailed getting to the grocery store and making his purchases. Of course, having never cooked for himself, and having no idea what arcane mysteries turned raw food into delicious meals, meant that he was thoroughly at a loss. The young boy looked blankly at the rows of food, utterly baffled and feeling intensely foolish. Here he was, a great onmyouji who could banish ravenous demons back to their hells... and he had no idea where to even begin to buy things.
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[takes place right after Chance of a Lifetime]

Counseling Room 2 had ridiculous, brightly flowered curtains. Orange and yellow chrysanthemums with furling green leaves burst into bloom against the paned windows. Yuzuya felt it was incongruous. No one was summoned to a school counseling room for a happy reason. Ever.

Seated at a little round table beside those silly designer curtains, Yuzuya was at a loss for words. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then changed his mind, closing it again and leaned his elbow on the table, resting his chin on his hand. A brand-new manila folder from Student Records was lying open on the table before him. The tab of the folder had been neatly labeled not three weeks ago, "1st Year C Class - Aoki Chiaki"

Not three weeks ago this folder had been made, just as it had been made for each and every first year student. The surprising thing was that a mere month into the academic year, this folder already had the yellow and white copy of a disciplinary write-up in it. The slanted, perfect handwriting of one Samuel Kramer explained the offense in perfect detail. But that didn't mean that it was any easier for Yuzuya to believe.

Yuzuya took a moment to read through the report again. This was all rather surreal, and it was making him feel rather old and tired. He cleared his throat, took a sip of coffee to wash down a stubborn bit of phlegm or something that was irritating in his windpipe. Finally he exhaled and glanced up at the diminuitive boy seated opposite him. "Well. Aoki-san. I assume you know why we are here."
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[It shouldn't have taken me this long to post a Miyuki-sensei thread, sob. HERE IT IS.]

Miyuki liked to think she had good money management skills for a single woman. Most of them spent every paycheck or daddy dollar on the first thing they saw, leaving them in a constant state of pennilessness. Of course, Miyuki was smarter than that. She put away her money into her savings account, piled it up, saved it...

And then spent it all at once.

She was so very proud of herself.

She'd spent the weekend with a friend in Shibuya, where she'd done some of the most fabulous shoe-shopping of her life. She had come out of it with an almost-2man yen pair of shoes, but they were the cutest heels she'd ever owned. And Miyuki couldn't have been happier with them.

Currently Miyuki was very happy with her new shoes in the staff lounge at far-too-early in the morning, nursing a cup of coffee at her desk. She sat with her legs neatly crossed, displaying one of her fabulous new shoes to anyone who passed by. She was waiting for the oh-so-exotic Kramer-sensei to pass by so that he'd be positively dazzled by her fashion sense. Foreign boys were so fashionable and Yuzuya was soo last year, even if Miyuki did still think he was endearingly nice. Miyuki smiled to herself and tapped her manicured fingernails on the desk, humming a little tune to herself as she pretended to correct math tests.
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School was finally over, and Yuzuya figured it was a safe guess that it had been a pretty hectic day for school nurse Murakami Sumire. In addition to a fight breaking out in a 3rd year gym class and left two boys with black eyes and fat lips, first year student Sugimoto Akiko had fallen down the stairs and been rushed to the hospital with a suspected broken arm. As the girl's homeroom teacher, it was Yuzuya's responsibility to check how things had gone. He also had to turn in some health questionnaires the students had filled out before the health check, so that was another excuse for being here.

Yeah, it was an excuse. He was genuinely concerned about Sugimoto-san, but to tell the truth, he was just as concerned about Murakami-sensei herself. He had heard the vice-principal making some small comments around lunchtime, and though he hadn't been in close enough range to hear exactly what and object aloud, he was sure that whatever Ono had said hadn't been fun for Sumire. What was more, he wasn't sure exactly what it was, but Murakami-sensei seemed just a bit... different lately, as though something was bothering her. He wondered if the stress of the job was getting to the poor woman.

Yuzuya lifted a hand to tap lightly on the nurse's office door, and cleared his throat. "Murakami-sensei?" he asked, afraid to disturb the woman during what was likely her first peace of the day.
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School let out for the day, and club activity time came and went. Outside the sports teams were calling hearty and spirit-filled goodbyes to their captains in hoarse voices. The sun was beginning to sink lower behind the mountains on the horizon. In Lab 3 upstairs, Yuzuya paused in his mopping. He sighed, and rubbed his forehead with his fingertips. This really was a bizarre predicament he'd gotten himself into.

On Friday, Sakai-sensei, Yuzuya's worst nightmare in a tacky designer tracksuit, had passed away. Also, the school groundskeeper had quit abruptly. And now Yuzuya had arrived at school today, Monday, to find that his lab was in chaos. The sink had been stopped up and water now covered the floor. What was more, here and there in the water there seemed to be some sort of substance that was dark red and smelled a bit funny. It appeared to be iodine. To make matters worse, the two large supply cabinets that held all of the chemistry and lab supplies had been completely overturned onto the floor. The contents had been scattered and hidden in strange places all around the room.

But the clincher, for Yuzuya, was his book collection. All of the wonderful books he kept on the bookshelves at the back of the room for the students to read and use, had been tossed around the room. It was almost as though a fierce wind had scattered them about, like leaves. He'd recovered those that had been lying in the wet mess on the floor already, set them out to dry by the windows. The water damage was sure to ruin the dearly-loved volumes.

Yuzuya sighed again, and turned a sopping page of The Field Guide To Reptiles and Amphibians. The chameleon was now stained red permanently. Poor little guy. Yuzu figured that was a fate that would make a chameleon quite unhappy.
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Yuzuya waited uneasily for the waitress to come by to take their drink orders. Beside him in the little pleather u-shaped booth, Ren was chatting about something or other in English-- he was only half-paying attention because he was sure it was about him, and he really didn't want to know exactly what she was saying, because he didn't need the blow to his ego right about now. The person Ren was chatting to, Samuel Kramer, cut a very formal figure even after a full day's work. Yuzuya found himself wondering if the English teacher had gone home to press and starch his clothes between work and this dinner date of sorts. By contrast Yuzuya was sure he himself looked-- well, like it was the end of a long day.

Daunted, Yuzu glanced down at the English workbook and spiral notebook he'd brought along, checked to make sure he had his mechanical pencil and eraser handy. There was something very humbling about this sort of thing. Sitting at shiny tables in hip cafes was not his usual speed-- he was much more comfortable at the counter at a greasy noodle bar. But it was to be sure that Samuel Kramer was not a greasy noodle bar kind of guy, hence the location. And if Yuzuya wanted to brush up on his English without taking lessons from that super-expensive conversation school that was down by the train station, this was his best option.

Yuzuya fingered the menu and blinked owlishly at his table-mates. Was it just him, or was Ren talking to Kramer-sensei about cheese and angels?

He reached for the drink menu. He needed a beer, he decided. A very, VERY large beer.
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[takes place on the day of Sakai's death]

Friday again, and the warm spring sun rising in a clear blue sky made Yuzuya feel as if something nice were going to happen today. How very wrong he was. )
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[dated to first day of school]
Yuzuya peered through his glasses at the announcement papers on his podium. "Next, we need to choose two class representatives for our homeroom, one boy, one girl." He looked up at the rows of the students of 1-C, his first homeroom to be in charge of.

There was something about first-year students that was absolutely... well to be honest, precious. They were small. Their desks were perfectly straight, their posture excellent, their brand-new uniforms a bit too big at the sleeves. They sat quietly, starched and neat and keen on listening to him speak. Almost all of them were bright-eyed as they looked back at him, about half slightly worried-looking, as though they feared high school might turn into a scary place any minute. Yuzuya wanted to pat their little heads. So different from the third-years he'd taught last year, weren't they? He tried his best to hide the warm smile threatening to creep over his lips. "Anyone who is interested in a class rep position-- or if you know someone you'd like to nominate, please prepare a short paragraph to read to the class, and we'll vote at the end of the week."

"Well, that brings us to the end," he finished, straightening to his full height and stretching a bit. "I would like to congratulate you finishing-- well, almost finishing-- your first day of high school. I expect that you'll remember to do your homework and get your emergency cards in for tomorrow. Last, we'll have cleaning time. )
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It was a peaceful Friday afternoon, second week of school and there wasn't a peep in the long hallway of B building's ground floor. The shadows were growing longer as seventh period neared an end. Outside the windows the cherry blossoms had exploded into full bloom, scenting the breeze with delicate perfume. A lone bush warbler was still singing to pass the time in the hedges outside, as students studied away quietly inside. Yuzuya wished with all his heart that he could leave this day still and sweet and pretty as a picture, let it end unspoiled. But that wasn't really an option at this point.

He swept through the door of the school nurse's room, clutching his right arm over his head in a paper towel. "Sensei?" he called softly, as if afraid of raising his voice here. "Murakami-sensei?"
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Yuzuya dragged himself to the mirror and sink in the teacher's room, hand towel and mug in hand. He only had thirty minutes till the morning meeting started. Thirty minutes to get himself primed and ready, to transform the ashen-faced person he could see reflecting back at him from mirror into alert, bright-eyed, responsible homeroom teacher. He bowed his head when he reached the counter and took a deep breath.

Homeroom teacher Shibata Yuzuya.

Okay, he could do this. He was going to make himself do this.

Yuzuya took off his glasses to wash his face with cold water in the sink. The water was icy, just as he'd hoped. He finished, rinsed, and pawed blindly for where he'd put his towel.