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Thomas Marsh ([personal profile] deep_mysteries) wrote in [community profile] ghostsugar 2015-12-27 04:16 am (UTC)

"Hah, well, I can imagine." Nice noncommital answer, he was sure. He could easily imagine people in movies doing really stupid things- people in real life did exactly the same thing- but he'd never really seen them so he couldn't say for sure. Not that it mattered a whole lot, he was certain of that.

Tom gave a soft chuckle at that smile. Arin, whatever else might be said of him, clearly enjoyed this. Made him much better company than Tom could have hoped for, as long as that interest didn't get them killed. After all, ghosts could be dangerous.

"Well, I plan to, but so did everyone else, I'm sure," he mildly points out with another quiet chuckle. Up the second floor, and finally up to the third, where dust lay on the ground and clearly no one had been here for awhile. There were some footprints in the dust, though, so it hadn't been completely abandoned. All of them milled around in the first few rooms, moving in whatever system the people had in mind, but all came eventually to the third room on the right, and from there, all moved in the same direction, further down the hall.

Tom, though, started moving to the first doorway, perhaps not noticing that. After all, he'd planned his systematic search, and he didn't seem inclined to give that up. His way would take them into an abandoned classroom, but perhaps they could move faster with the work others had done...?

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