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Arin Stroud ([personal profile] ghostfacin) wrote in [community profile] ghostsugar 2016-01-07 04:48 pm (UTC)

Arin's hands trembled a little as he reached for the journal, but it wasn't discomfort or fear now but true anticipation. He rubbed his hands together a moment first before he finally picked it up and opened it slowly. He waited a few moments to make sure nothing obvious happened before he started to read.

His expression grew more serious and focused as he read on, his brow furrowing as he took in Wakahisa-sensei's words. In the back of his mind he knew it was bad form to get sucked into the writing so much but with Tom keeping watch he felt more at ease about it. Besides, making sure he remembered as much as possible would be important. He flipped through each page carefully and then he even proceeded to read the notes left behind by others.

Arin smirked as he finished the last entry and while he was well aware that there were no duplicate names or dates in the book it didn't deter him. He set the journal back down in place on the desk, smoothing out the page he'd left it open to with his hand.

"We're definitely on to something here," he said, looking back over his shoulder at Tom with a grin. At the same time he was pulling a pen from his pocket and there was a click that sounded loud in the quiet of the room followed by the sound of the quick strokes of his penmanship as he turned back and wrote his own message in the next available open space in the book. In typical fashion for him he didn't stop to think that maybe adding messages might present a problem for the writers. He simply had to leave his mark on things because why the hell not? The Stroud legacy of excellence was going international, his father had reminded him often enough.

It read:

To whom it may concern, you're probably too late. Not because anything bad happened, of course. Just because we'll have solved this mystery by the time you read this. But don't worry, we'll let you play the game too. No spoilers from us!

Bonus: you can tell your friends you read the actual writing of actual legends. Just be nice to everyone else and don't sell this on eBay, alright? Everyone deserves the opportunity to witness greatness!

He finished the message off by signing his own name to it and dating it. The pen clicked again and then he stepped aside, turning the pages back to the beginning.

"I can tell you all about it unless you want to read it yourself. Besides, I didn't sign your name for you.." Arin said, grinning again and setting the pen down on the desk beside the book.

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