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Thomas Marsh ([personal profile] deep_mysteries) wrote in [community profile] ghostsugar 2016-01-12 01:15 am (UTC)

"Hm... it's possible, I suppose..." But Tom found it rather unlikely. Who wouldn't take the opportunity to say something about this? But perhaps that was just Arin's optimism showing through. Or perhaps it was Tom's pessimism that made him consider the opposite possibility as being so much more likely. Hard to say.

When Arin waited, Tom again took the lead. Instead of going straight to the next classroom, though, Tom continued on his methodical search pattern, making sure that there weren't any obvious clues they missed or any creatures hidden in corners, waiting for them to over-extend themselves. No, Tom was a model of patience and thoroughness, as though the journal hadn't done anything at all to him.

Still, when he got to the classroom in question, he nodded at the blackboard. "Want to continue with our system? You grab it and take a look, and I keep watch?" At the least, he was very confident he could protect Arin if something grabbed him. The reverse he wasn't nearly so sure of.

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