ghostfacin: ([wee smile])
Arin Stroud ([personal profile] ghostfacin) wrote in [community profile] ghostsugar 2016-01-21 03:00 pm (UTC)

Arin nodded and seemed satisfied with that answer as he let it go and allowed Tom to do his own thing.

Though he seemed like it was all fun and games for him it was serious for Arin as well; he had something he had to prove, if even to himself. If Tom had any doubts about his own seriousness and dedication, perhaps his moment double-checking then would assure him that it wasn't just a side hobby for him either.

While Tom was busy he slipped his backpack off again, setting his flashlight down next to him as he knelt. Quietly enough he removed something from his pack and pocketed it instead, zipping the bag once he was done and standing up again. He was ready whenever Tom was..

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