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Mysteries All Around! [Closed to Arin and Ghooooooosts]

When Tom had thought of places to share with Arin, he had originally thought of going with one of the basements, or maybe the graveyard out in the forest, or places like that. There had to be something in there, right?

But one day, while he was in the computer room, he'd noticed some ghosts floating around. Maybe they hadn't realized they'd died, maybe they were just curious about all of the emotions going on in the room, maybe it was something else entirely. Hard to say. The important thing was that it'd be easy to get in after hours, there were ghosts around, and there were two whole stories that weren't in use any longer.

Or in other words, it was prime ghost-hunting territory, while presumably not being too dangerous.

It had even been child's play to create a plan. Tom had simply stayed late with the computer club, and when he'd said his farewells, he'd gone up to the third floor rather than leaving the second building. The plan was simple: Tom would let Arin in, and Arin would bring in the materials, like flashlights and such, that Tom couldn't. It was practically perfect, and now Tom waited in the dark for Arin's quiet knock. Once that happened, they'd be off...
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"Maybe there's more notes in the later journals? Might be no one saw the point in coming back here to say anything. Dunno. I guess we'll find out soon enough.."

He started backing toward the door so they could move on, but he waited so Tom could go ahead again. He was the one with the better system of looking around, even if he knew they were headed for the next classroom. If there was anything else he wanted to check out first, Arin didn't want to race ahead and miss it.
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Arin was more antsy now as he followed him about, but he let Tom carry on as before, not wanting him to think anything badly of him because he could be impatient when he knew he had something waiting for him.

When they made their way into the classroom in question he looked to Tom and nodded to his question with a confident smile.

"Yeah. That's the best way, probably. Less pressure. And I know I feel better about it.."

Still, Arin was careful. It was smart to anticipate jump scares. Or worse. He set his flash light on the desk before he felt around the blackboard, looking to shift it carefully to find the book tucked behind it.
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Arin looked over the contents of the folder once and then again. His brow furrowed in concentration as he read, suggesting that when he wanted to he really could put plenty of effort into things.

When he was finished he looked up again, wearing the same grin as before. "Fourth floor in the file room near the stairs. That's where we're gonna find the file we need. Have a look, if you want. He took notes on what got him wondering in the first place.."

Arin offered Tom the folder, though even if he reached for it Arin wouldn't let go right away. "This is where he says there's no turning back though. Once we head up there, that's it. So now's probably the time to decide if you're in or out.."

His own mind was made up but as he looked at Tom he wanted him to have the same freedom to make his own decision. Though his first journey entry would sound somewhat foolish now if they had to back out.
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Arin nodded and seemed satisfied with that answer as he let it go and allowed Tom to do his own thing.

Though he seemed like it was all fun and games for him it was serious for Arin as well; he had something he had to prove, if even to himself. If Tom had any doubts about his own seriousness and dedication, perhaps his moment double-checking then would assure him that it wasn't just a side hobby for him either.

While Tom was busy he slipped his backpack off again, setting his flashlight down next to him as he knelt. Quietly enough he removed something from his pack and pocketed it instead, zipping the bag once he was done and standing up again. He was ready whenever Tom was..
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"It's alright. Much as I'd hate to admit it, going over everything with a fine-toothed comb is probably the best way of it. Everyone else probably ran right off and figured they'd find the important stuff when they got there and that's why they failed. Though, you know, I'm sure you and I would probably notice anything else that's important on the way there anyway but leaving no stone unturned is supposed to be good practice in a proper investigation, right?"

Which was precisely what they were doing. Any more proper and official and they should have been getting a detective's salary.

Arin felt good. He felt like they were definitely, definitely on to something and he was confident they'd get to the bottom of it. Going along with Tom's system meant he didn't have to worry about that changing. Ideally. It was easy to equate "better safe than sorry" with "thorough and efficient" at this point.

"Who knows. That's what's always messed up about stuff like this. Someone probably knows something but it's easier and probably cheaper to cover it all up. Then they'll play dumb later when it's all out in the open. Maybe whatever it was would've stopped if it was out there.." Arin trailed off in consideration for a moment. A vengeful spirit seeking justice and recognition?

Only he could manage to balance that much dread and excitement simultaneously and act normally. Or normal for him, anyway.