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Mysteries All Around! [Closed to Arin and Ghooooooosts]

When Tom had thought of places to share with Arin, he had originally thought of going with one of the basements, or maybe the graveyard out in the forest, or places like that. There had to be something in there, right?

But one day, while he was in the computer room, he'd noticed some ghosts floating around. Maybe they hadn't realized they'd died, maybe they were just curious about all of the emotions going on in the room, maybe it was something else entirely. Hard to say. The important thing was that it'd be easy to get in after hours, there were ghosts around, and there were two whole stories that weren't in use any longer.

Or in other words, it was prime ghost-hunting territory, while presumably not being too dangerous.

It had even been child's play to create a plan. Tom had simply stayed late with the computer club, and when he'd said his farewells, he'd gone up to the third floor rather than leaving the second building. The plan was simple: Tom would let Arin in, and Arin would bring in the materials, like flashlights and such, that Tom couldn't. It was practically perfect, and now Tom waited in the dark for Arin's quiet knock. Once that happened, they'd be off...
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The knock came soon enough, just a quiet tapping against the door that ideally only Tom would hear. He had shoved quite a few things into a backpack, figuring he was being smart and responsible by being prepared. That and he didn't have anything in the way of powers to speak of to defend himself and so he'd brought a little something for that too (though arguably the effectiveness of mundane "weapons" on anything supernatural was debatable but it made him feel better, at least).

He waited patiently for an answer, glancing around as he did. He was sensitive and obviously he wouldn't be there if Tom hadn't been on to something.